Marvel Heroes is a Diablo-style MMO - IGN Preview


How do you squeeze the colossal Marvel Universe into the MMO space? Gazillion Entertainment and its Secret Identity Studios aren’t following convention. Instead of creating a game that resembles something like World of Warcraft, Secret Identity is drawing inspiration from another of Blizzard’s franchises: Diablo.

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Christopher2371d ago

Don't really like the environments. Looks like a gritty crime game world, not really a super hero world.

Overall, the look and feel doesn't feel like a 'comic book' super hero game.

Hisiru2371d ago

Well, to be fair, sometimes you need crime in order to have super hero.

Larry L2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

It looks as much like a "comic book super hero game" as X-Men Legends or Marvel Ultimate Alliance do. It's basically the same idea, just much deeper in terms of character building.

This is great for me. I loved the XML and MUA games so much but felt all of them were too "small" in terms of scope and scale compared to what Marvel does in the comics. I'm REALLY looking forward to this assuming it's coming to PS3. I know the article says it is on the side-bar, but IDK.....I'd like that to be official.

Also, I think it's refreshing that this game is just going with actual heroes being playable, instead of letting us create our own. Though I suppose the option for both would be most ideal. I'm a fan of Marvel because I like the characters. So I want to play as those characters. Are we going to see alot of Wolverine's running around? Yup, and I'll be one of them. But that's OK. There are alot of other heroes too. I wouldn't deny another Wolverine fan the right to be Wolverine, just because I want to play as him as well. I just know I would much rather be playing as my favorite Marvel heroes, than just interacting with them using a character of my own design. There are plenty of other games out there if I want to create my own character.

And who knows? It's still early, this is the first info on the game I've seen. Even just some color customization options for each costume would pretty much solve any issues with seeing the same characters everywhere.

All in all, I'm really excited to hear about this game, and if it's coming to consoles, I'll definitely be playing this from Day 1, and fully intend on supporting the title through whichever way they decide to handle micro-transactions.

acemonkey2371d ago

it could be good/nice....just do Marvel some glad to see a MMO/RPG on a system other then an PC since my PC cant run anything

beerkeg2371d ago

I think it's pc only, from what I've read about it.

GamingPerson2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Like 99.9% of mmos before this. It will be pc only.
I will be trying this game out.

acemonkey2371d ago

yup cant be worst then DC least its free to play now on PS3 and PC so lol if it fails we can play it for free (maybe)

AngelicIceDiamond2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

A Marvel MMO was in the long time in the making, suppose to come to the Xbox as an Exclusive some odd years ago, gets canceled. The Ip has been just floating soaring in the air like Iron Man for all these years then? Lol so glad to see the Ip get picked back up.

soundslike2371d ago

Looks decent enough, though from what was shown the superheroes seem somehwat out of place. Could be the art direction, or just the gameplay style, but I think it will be fun regardless.

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