Gazillion Staff Laid Off The Day Before Thanksgiving

All Gazillion staff laid off the day before Thanksgiving with no severance pay, PTO, or medical insurance, with Marvel Heroes shutting down Friday.

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BlackWolf116d ago

No matter what anyone says about the game being good or bad, or how it was filled with MT, it's still heartbreaking to see a whole studio being laid off. Specially in this way. Even more considering the date!! I hope this devs find jobs soon, as they really did the best they could to keep the game alive in the past few months.

2cents116d ago

This really is a horrible result.

cell989116d ago

Worst timing the studio heads could have picked smh...

HexxedAvenger116d ago

Jeez that’s horrible. How can they do that to their employees and sleep at night. >.<

Elronza116d ago

Man this is sad. I was actually planning on investing time in this game as it has been in my back log.

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