Is the 3D platformer dead?

GameZone's David Sanchez writes: "The once popular genre is now rarely explored by developers — are the days of the 3D platformer behind us?"

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Snookies121981d ago

Great... Just looking at that screenshot makes me want to play Mario 64 again lol.

Snookies121981d ago

Damn right it was! That game was like the best thing ever when it was released...

Shoot, it's STILL amazing even today.

TheSanchezDavid1981d ago

I played it recently. Had so much fun, and it brought back a bunch of good old school gaming memories.

Neo Nugget1981d ago

Played it four hours ago ^^

WeskerChildReborned1981d ago

Fighting Browser was my favorite Mario 64 moment.

Pozzle1981d ago

OMG when the organ music started playing at the beginning of the final battle (then Bowser laughed)... younger-me thought that was the coolest thing ever! :O

LarVanian1981d ago

Every time I hear this I just want nothing more than to plug in my old N64 and allow the memories to flood in!

AWBrawler1980d ago

Darn you Koji Kondo and your nostalgic music that makes us want to play Mario

smashcrashbash1981d ago

Ummmmm. No. Sly Cooper Thieves in time? We just got Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time not long ago.Isn't kind of early to be saying this?

MrMister1980d ago

Xbox dudes get no 3d platformer mascot fun. Only Sony and Nintendo's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

detroitmademe1981d ago

i want a platformer thats multiplayer,has shooting elements& or fighting& vehicles.that would be sweet.

Zeeraq1981d ago

Don't worry Little Big Planet 3D will revive it :D

Neo Nugget1981d ago

Skylanders on the 3DS was a fun 3D platformer.

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The story is too old to be commented.