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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim review (PS3)

MsclMexican | 1540d ago | User review
Reviewing: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
This game I have been wanting to play for a long time.... and unfortunately it won't let me
When Todd Howard came out on stage at the VGA's last year the nerd's of the world had their hearts skip a beat when The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was announced. We were teased with 15 minute gameplay demos, small morsels of information gathered in both formal and informal manners. But Skyrim is here and it is a fantastic game... the problem is that Bethesda has repeated the same mistake that they have been known for this console generation.

When starting out Skyrim Elder Scrolls fans know what to expect, you are on your way to your own execution and are then presented with a character creation screen. The character creation system is so vast with multiple races from Khajiit's to Dark Elves. I decided to play as a Dark Elf, hoping to develop my skills by raising my majicka and learning new shouts. I wanted to join the Dark Brotherhood, harass the towns people, become a werewolf. I wanted to marry a girl local to Whiterun and then settle down once I defeated Alduin: The world eating dragon. That is what I love about Skyrim. I had the power to carve my own path, to create my own narrative. It's something Bethesda has truly shown that they have mastered this art of creating games in which the player can truly make their own tale.

The gameplay in Skyrim depends on how you want to play. Do you want to be an archer, taking out enemies from a distance? You can do it. Do you want to be the soldier type, rushing in with two swords... hacking and slashing your way to victory? You can do it. Do you want to be a stealthy Khajiit assassin? You can do it. The gameplay variation is almost endless in Skyrim. However, the great thing is that you are not bound by choices that you make like in other RPG's. Did you get tired of shooting spells from your hands? You can swap out and become a brute. Skyrim is a game with no restriction's in player choice. This game was designed for you, and you decide how the game goes.

But I still have not even talked about what else makes Skyrim so great, the music that ramps up during every encounter. The intense battles with dragons that are filled with tension and excitement. I still have not fully talked about everything this game has to offer, as I can not as I feel that it is a task to impossible to accomplish as there is so much content.

That is why it is so hard to review a game like Skyrim, as you feel like you can't review the game until you hit that 100% complete, in fear that you are missing something out. I have spent approximately 80 hours playing Skyrim, and I know what many are thinking while reading this review. HOW CAN YOU REVIEW THIS GAME WITH SUCH LITTLE PLAY TIME? Well the truth is Skyrim won't let me play it anymore.

This is because I decided to buy Skyrim on the PS3. And this is where Bethesda has ruined this game. Many people may have heard of the 6mb save problem players on the ps3 are having. I am one of those people afflicted by this problem. My experience with Skyrim is no longer as incredible as the moment I put that disk in the slot. Now it is a jagged, slow, irritating version of its former self. I believed an editor at Gamesradar said it best "Watch the Skyrim gameplay trailer and pause every two seconds for an accurate representation of Skyrim on PS3" The framerate has dropped so much, that I honestly can not play this game anymore. This really makes me wonder why Bethesda struggles so much when making games for PS3. Fallout 3, New Vegas, and in some cases Oblivion have all had this trouble as the PS3 versions are filled with bugs and problems, that make the game virtually unplayable. And this sucks to as I was waiting for a long time for this game, excited for it to release, but I am saddened that Bethesda has made this same mistake. I though that things would have changed, but I was wrong. This is honestly my saddest experience in gaming as Skyrim on PS3 is incredibly broken and we honestly have no clue if Bethesda is going to fix this problem on the PS3 or not. We know that a patch is incoming on Thanksgiving time in America, but will it fix the gameplay problems Skyrim has?

Skyrim is an incredible game, no one should think otherwise, but Bethesda needs to stop making PS3 gamers feel like they got bent over. I would not have minded waiting for Skyrim, If Bethesda did a similar move like Bioware did for Mass Effect 2 and properly make the game run for all consoles equally. But they did not. If you are planning on buying Skyrim, I strongly recommend you buy it for the PC or 360.

Bethesda, your games are amazing, but please you have to start showing some equality towards all gamers, in order for one side to not feel like they were cheated out of a fantastic game. In the meantime, Skyrim sits on my shelf, waiting for one day for Bethesda to fix this problem on the PS3. Im even considering selling it back in order to get a PC copy of the game. This is truly one of the saddest moments in gaming history
The world of Skyrim is vast- You can always find new things to see
Sound is incredible from the sounds of wandering Skyrim to the music when you engage in battle
You can play the way you want to play
Some glitches... Flying Mammoths FTW
Bethesda has repeated the curse of bad PS3 ports
Graphics Skyrim is beautiful from the rigid mountain scapes to the feilds. Some strange visual glitches do occur occasionally and may sometimes ruin the immersion
Sound Skyrim's music truly captures that epic vibe, heightening the tensity of battle
Gameplay There are so many ways to play Skyrim, it truly is an amazing feat. I assure you that no two players will have the same experience
Fun factor Skyrim is ridiculously addictive. You will be completing quests by the dozens as more and more fill up. You could play this game forever
Online Skyrim offers no online functionality
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)
BlmThug  +   1539d ago
Score should be minimum 9.5 since the sub scores are minimum 9.5
iamnsuperman  +   1539d ago
"out of 10 / not an average". The review said it is a good game but has glaring bugs that ruined his experience.
Grip  +   1536d ago
lol so he score everything with 95+ and gave the game 5/10.. nonsense
Derekvinyard13  +   1535d ago
on ps3, this dam game needs to be recalled. there is no excuse for it to be so bad with glitches. i refuse to belive that when this game was shipped no one at bethesda saw the problems. bs i got my money back dude, hope you can get urs to.
SuperNerd  +   1531d ago
@BlmThug Dude what r u talking about . people have there own opinions man it doesent have to be above or below anything man .
consolez_FTW  +   1539d ago
I agree man. I'm about 70hrs. in on Skyrim PS3, and I can't play it anymore :(

the Fps is horrible even when I'm just doing nothing .So when I fight any type of enemy or walk into a town in Skyrim the game is unplayable because of how the game pretty much stops because of how low the Fps goes.

I wish this game would get patched!! The game is sooo awesome, but the bugs ruin it. I guess its back to MGS HD collection,Saints row 3 and some BF3 till Skyrim gets patched..
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Hairyape94  +   1539d ago
I've put in more than 95 hours for Skyrim on my PS3 and my save file is currently at 12mb. I'm only getting low fps when I leave my PS3 on for 6 hours straight playing it.
PixL  +   1538d ago
Good choice to score it like this. I have exactly the same problem with Battlefield 3: great game for me but mic bug is a total game breaker as I can't talk to my squad. I've stopped playing it until they fix it (if they fix it). That means wasted money, that means I was deceived. That actually means they broke law selling me a faulty game. If you buy a broken TV, you go and return it. Why not games? We need to start voicing our customer concerns to game companies. If you can't make a game for a platform, don't. Or hire more skilled people. Or betatesters. Or whatever. I don't care because it's you, devs, who gets the money. If you promise but won't deliver, I'll call you cheaters and thieves until you stop.
soundslike  +   1538d ago
You guys are crazy

the games fine.

I'd be surprised if there wasn't ANY slowdown(I don't get as much as most I guess)

the only real problem I see is that the textures were condensed for 360. 5.5 gigs? really???


this should be at least a 8 gig install and it shows
MsclMexican  +   1538d ago
If you are playing the 360 version your not supposed to have problems... but this is the problem we all have when playing on the ps3
soundslike  +   1538d ago

my complaint was the textures were squashed to fit a dvd size, even though ON PS3 it shouldn't have to be squashed

I play on ps3
Gam3rSinceBiRTH  +   1537d ago
That is unbelievable. I knew the ps3 version was bad but that lag is painful to watch. Now I know why you gave it such a low score. I came in here ready to defend this masterpiece but I play on the 360. Always ALWAYS buy multiplats on a 360.
arnyftw  +   1537d ago
You people are stupid. The textures werent squashed, DVD's can take up to 9 gigs, skyrim could be 9 GB but they decided to make it 3.8 gigs on 360
Grip  +   1536d ago
@soundslike they have almost 5GB free idiot so shut up and stop complaining about nothing
gorebago  +   1536d ago
that lag is terrible.
TopDudeMan  +   1538d ago
I have the PS3 version and have played for around 20 hours with no problems that I've noticed.
Derekvinyard13  +   1535d ago
knock on some wood man. i honestly had to return it because it got so bad
Nes_Daze  +   1538d ago
I held off from buying Skyrim because of this issue, bought Fifa 12 instead and plan on getting Uncharted 3 if they don't fix Skyrim.
Derekvinyard13  +   1535d ago
same here dude lol it sucked to hear about these problems
bluegreenman  +   1537d ago
You guys are jumping the gun here. They already announced a patch for this!
Hovis  +   1536d ago
I'm not complaining about the overall score, it's always nice to see someone take a reasonable view to scoring a game.

However....if the game ends up running as badly as you say (I play the PC version and its fine) then wouldn't you lower the score for gameplay and fun factor at the end of your review.

Giving them 10 and 9.5 along with the glowing description gives the view that the game is fine and leaves you with a sharp kick to the balls when you see the 5/10.

I understand that you encountered many problems later on but a review should take an 'average' of the whole experience, if you know what I mean. The first half of Enslaved last year was amazing but the second half was crap, so overall it was a mixed game to me.

Good review though and good to see some people will hold glitches and such against developers :)
MsclMexican  +   1536d ago
The reason I did not lower the fun factor, etc, etc is because Skyrim is a fantastic game, but it has annoying bugs and problems. If the frame rate drops were not there, the game would be a 9.5 to 10. However, this problem is only encountered on PS3.

Also I may have exaggerated some of the independant scores, as the fun factor drops during broken quests. I failed the main quest and had to start a new game because I accidently pickpocketed Haldor at the beginning and then his uncle attacked me, and I had to kill him. But Haldor has infinite health and could never die. Broken quests are also very annoying. Thinking on it now I should have added those points to, but Skyrim is a good game.

Just ridiculously broken...

Im still wondering how it has a 95-96 on metacritic even though these problems are present.
Derekvinyard13  +   1535d ago
its understandable dude, everybody has this dam problem as do i. i feel like i was used as a beta tester for them
Hufandpuf  +   1534d ago
I've always wondered: Why does a game get scores so low? We all KNOW Skyrim isn't a 5/10 so at least put a 8-9 and say that there are glaring bugs that may be patched in the future.
ExCest  +   1533d ago
i think he actually gave the game a solid 9+
its just that n4g sees is at a 5 because he rates the online as 0 (which some ratings should be optional *hint**hint*)

In reality, he gave it a solid 9+.
He only feels bad about having a poor PS3 port. I would hate it as well

(Correct me if I'm wrong, but the PC has a terribad console ported version. It's menu controls scream console based)

*EDIT* I see now that the whole game is 10Gb on the PC
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MsclMexican  +   1533d ago
No... I gave it a 5 on purpose....

The game is ridiculously broken,quests get broken ex:

Seriously, that blows because I wanted to be a mage, and the quest is broken... really?

Also there is lag, glitches and all other sorts of crap that ruin the experience.

Plus that new patch that was supposed to fix everything made the game even worse... it crashed on me 5 times in 2 hours..

Thats BS... i don't care how many people defend Skyrim "because there is so much content". When im not allowed to play the content "I WANT TO PLAY!" of course Im pissed.

Hell most of the people who play Skyrim at my school torrented it... and it still runs better for them than me.

This new patch actually would have bumped this score down to 3. The game is crap now. I'm going to give Bethesda one more chance to patch this thing up.

If not, Im selling to Eb, and torrenting this and all further Bethesda games... I refuse to support a dev who make games this badly anymore.
ExCest  +   1533d ago

I'm having a great time with it. You shouldn't base the game on just the ps3 version. Sure, it would be a large factor (if it is buggy. I don't know) but it still is a fun (but slow w/o a horse) game.

The comments on that vid state some possible solutions. But very odd indeed. I haven't run into that bug (I didn't get very far with the game).

I guess I have no authority to tell you how to rate the game (I only just started the game). Well, I hope you don;t trade it in and maybe you should just wait for a patch or too. I heard Bethesda games are a glitchy-mess all the time but everyone has a great time and (i think) they get patched eventually. Eventually.
Xenial  +   1518d ago
Fail review, how can the game gt a 5/10 when it avgs a 9.5. -_-

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