Dev of the Day : Robin Arnott
  Interview with Robin Arnott, Part Two

Robin Arnott, sound designer and lead developer, takes us through a very educated and radical journey about SoundSelf and its far-out origins and e...

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See how the League of Legends: New Dawn cinematic was censored by China

4d ago - The League of Legends New Dawn cinematic has been censored by China, but not where you might have... | PC

League of Legends has been Korea's #1 game every week for 2 years

6d ago - Wondering just how big League of Legends is in Korea? It's big enough that it has been the number... | PC

Toxic Players Finally Getting Their Just Desserts In League of Legends

6d ago - Have you ever gotten sick of the bile spewing, puss-filled mud hut lurking troglodytes that the L... | PC

The Intel Extreme Masters starts in China next week. No Royal Club, no inSec.

19d ago - The IEM Shenzhen tournament starts next week, but Star Horn Royal Club and inSec were not invited... | PC

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

The road to the League of Legends Season 4 World Championships

20d ago - A look at the tournaments and qualifiers across the world leading up to the League of Legends Sea... | PC

World Cup Woes? Watch E-Sports

21d ago - Steven Marchese of CanadianGamer writes : About a week ago I finally succumbed to the peer pressu... | Culture

4 Things That Shouldn’t Change on Summoner’s Rift

23d ago - Claudia writes, "Riot Games recently announced a visual update for the most played-on map in Leag... | PC

Will our Britishness put Riot Games off coming back to London?

31d ago - Waiting For Cooldowns author Martin "Hutch the Clutch" Hutchison was in London for the EULCS in W... | PC

League Break: How to be Successful at League of Legends – Know Your Map & Lingo

41d ago - Max Level: Welcome back to League Break! We’ve discussed knowing how to play your role in our las... | PC

The Top 5 Easiest Champions in LoL

55d ago - Claudia writes, "League of Legends is a complex game (Dota players are probably laughing as they... | PC

The Unsung Hero- League of Legends Support Guide

60d ago - A comprehensive guide to one of the most under appreciated roles in League of Legends, the season... | PC

League of Legends One For All: Mirror Mode is Available on May 29th

61d ago - Starting May 29th, League of Legends players will see the return of One For All mode, this time w... | PC

League Break: How To Be Successful At League of Legends – Know your Role

68d ago - Max Level: League of Legends is known for its popularity among PC gamers, fast & addicting gamepl... | PC

Replayability: Does it matter?

73d ago - games™ talks to the writers behind Batman: Arkham Origins, Mass Effect, Baldur’s Gate, Amnesia, S... | Culture

E-Sports are the Future

73d ago - Benjamin of B-TEN provides his thoughts on the E-Sports landscape and where it could potentially... | PC

League of Legends patch 4.7 brings competitive play changes

79d ago - The latest League of Legends patch doesn’t bring a whole lot of changes to the game. Instead, 4.7... | PC

Walking Dead Actor Chandler Riggs Is Hooked On League Of Legends

94d ago - SALT LAKE CITY – Actor Chandler Riggs is best known to millions of fans of The Walking Dead as Ca... | Culture

5 Things Riot Isn't Telling You About Team Builder

120d ago - Riot Games has officially announced the release of the long-awaited feature to League of Legends-... | PC

Man Arrested for Hacking League of Legends, Assisting DDOS Attacks

123d ago - An Australian man is on trial April 8th for allegedly launching DDOS attacks on Riot Games' Leagu... | PC

Game of Thrones In League of Legends Promotion

127d ago - Riot Games has caught the attention of Hollywood. HBO made a cold call to the Santa Monica, CA-ba... | Culture

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 – Cry Wolf (PC) Review

Now - Jae dives into the final episode of Bigby’s tale. | Promoted post

Weekly GameBit Podcast Episode 19 | A Gaggle of Tales

129d ago - In this edition of the Weekly GameBit Podcast, the crew touches upon ideas presented at the Game... | Arcade

Intel Extreme Masters results for League of Legends, StarCraft II, and Hearthstone finals

133d ago - A complete recap of all 3 IEM finals: League of Legends, Hearthstone and StarCraft II. Prize mone... | PC

Over $20,000 raised on the first day of fundraiser to aid seriously injured League of Legends pro

134d ago - Korean League of Legends site Inven released a few figures on the first day of the fundraiser to... | PC

Riot Survey Hints At the Return of One For All Mode For League Of Legends

135d ago - An email from Riot was recently sent out randomly to League of Legends players asking them to par... | PC

League of Legends Team Builder Live Beta launches in North America (first impression and pictures)

138d ago - The League of Legends Team Builder mode launched earlier today. Here are some pros and cons, as w... | PC
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