Amazing Ahri from League of Legends Cosplay by K Miyuko

K Miyuko cosplayed as Ahri, a popular character from the action strategy game League of Legends. She is known for her great cosplay, but this one actually made me scream "Awesome!" all across the office.

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Cloudberry2265d ago

If it's using a Photoshop for enhanced pics, I applaud for the great work.

If it's not...

Then this is one of the smoothest skin I ever seen in cosplays.

thewhoopimen2265d ago

definitely photoshop involved. No beauty marks? lines on the bottom of the eye cut off that abruptly?

Paragon2265d ago

I do have to admit, some of these Cosplays are really good - looking like the real deal.

2265d ago
Shojin12265d ago

Cosplay has come a loooooong way....