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Nolan North Talks Games, Uncharted Movie and The Series' Shrinking Jeep

41d ago - GamesRadar - There are only two things you can be certain of in life: game delays and that Nolan... | Culture

Uncharted 4 Director Teases Scene with "Serious Feels;" Picture from Performance Capture Set Shared

81d ago - The cast doing the voice acting and performance capture for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is current... | PS4

The Witcher 3

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5 Gaming Celebrities That Desperately Need a Cameo

163d ago - The announcement of Shuhei Yoshida being a playable character is Super Time Force Ultra left the... | PS4

Shawn’s Top 5 Video Game Things To Do Before Dying

226d ago - Many people have a bucket list, things to do before dying. However Shawn can’t say he has ever se... | Industry

Top 5 Best Video Game Voice-Over Actors

286d ago - "More video games are becoming a haven for tremendous acting performances, especially with storie... | Culture

Nolan North in Visceral Star Wars Game?

325d ago - Obviously, Nolan North voiced Nathan Drake for the Uncharted franchise, which Hennig helmed until... | Industry

Nolan North, Troy Baker and John DiMaggio E3 2014 Interview

338d ago - After their E3 2014 panel at the Turtle Beach Booth, actors Nolan North, Troy Baker and John DiMa... | Culture

Nolan North Talks Amy Hennig and Star Wars

344d ago - Junkie Monkeys: Turtle Beach recently hosted an awesome panel featuring several incredible voice... | PS4

E3 2014: Uncharted 4 Star Thinks 'It's The Last One'

344d ago - IGN: "Nolan North explained that as far as he's aware this is the last title that Naughty Dog wan... | PS4

Nolan North Returns As Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Confirms Naughty Dog

345d ago - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Creative Director Neil Druckmann has just confirmed via Twitter that N... | PS4

What is next for Troy Baker? Let Him Play Nathan Drake.

583d ago - A video from New York Comic Con that showcased the phenomenal casting and acting of Troy Baker as... | PS3

Legacy of Gaming: Nolan North

599d ago - GamR Mag opens it's scope up to the vocal side of gaming with a look back at the most prolific vo... | Culture

Top Five Voice Actors in Gaming

610d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Technology has catapulted beyond prerecorded lines and a handful of polygons; wi... | Industry

Nolan North: “Still no Word on Uncharted. Fingers Crossed, But I Still Don’t Know About That”

610d ago - Following up his previous interview where he talked about the PlayStation 4, Nolan North is back... | PS3

Nolan North Attends GameStop Expo - Part 2

611d ago - Turtle Beach brought actor Nolan North to GameStop Expo in Las Vegas to meet with fans. The man b... | Industry

Nolan North on PS4: “I’ve Seen Some Stuff… I Couldn’t Believe it was Gameplay”

612d ago - Fresh off (well, not too fresh) his starring role as Deadpool in Deadpool, and that other game, N... | PS4

Uncharted Actor Nolan North Talks Deadpool And Games

612d ago - At the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas, Uncharted actor Nolan North talks video game voice acting in t... | Culture

Actor Nolan North Discusses Uncharted 4

683d ago - One of the most popular voice actors in the games industry is best known for his performance capt... | Culture

Nolan North has “no Idea” About Uncharted 4, Says “It’s Always More fun to Play the Bad Guy”

688d ago - Nolan North, previously known as the busiest voice actor in game before Troy Baker decided to tak... | Industry

Inside the actor's studio with Nolan North

688d ago - EuroGamer: "Actor discusses Deadpool, acting philosophy, and resistance to typecasting." | Culture

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So Nolan North is in The Last of Us after all

701d ago - Scholla from Console ControllUs pronounced console-control-us writes: I just want to say I’m hav... | PS3

Voice Actors and Composer Confirmed for Batman Arkham Origins

706d ago - Christopher Drake is confirmed as the upcoming Batman Arkham game’s composer. J.B. Blanc has also... | PC

Deadpool - Up at Noon Teaches Amanda Bynes How to Smoke, Talks Deadpool

717d ago - IGN - Altano tries to get Miss Bynes back on track, and Nolan North discusses being the Merc with... | PC

Uncharted's Nathan Drake Answers Your Questions

772d ago - IGN - The other day Nolan North -- Drake in Uncharted, Desmond in Assassin's Creed, Deadpool in M... | PS3

Will Uncharted's Drake Voice Snake in MGSV?

773d ago - IGN: '' Voice actor Nolan North talks about his career, Marvel Heroes, and new rumors on Up at No... | Culture
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