Nolan North Hosts Uncharted Reunion With Castmembers & Director Amy Hennig

Emily Rose even dressed the part as Elena Fisher

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NecrumOddBoy747d ago

The glory days of Naughty Dog before Druckmann swerved far left off into oncoming traffic. I wonder if his insurance is Progressive.

stupidusername746d ago

Yes, because Uncharted 4 and TLOU was such bad games. /s

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AnubisG746d ago Show
Imalwaysright746d ago


Because Straley was keeping Druckmann in check.

Movefasta1993746d ago

@generic leaks aside, the gameplay and the graphics look far from garbage. Even if it ends up having the worst story it'll be a good game.

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-Foxtrot746d ago

I felt a little sad when Amy is like "I miss it"

Say what you want but I really miss Amy Hennig at NaugntyDog, I feel like she kind of balanced Neil Druckmann out

People shit on her for Uncharted 3 but she had so many things against her, Uncharted 2 was a massive success, Sony obviously wanted to strike while the iron was hot so wanted Uncharted 3 out as soon as possible, they split ND up into two teams and Neil/Bruce (god knows how many talented people who made U2 were put in the other team) went to work on the Last of Us. I don't agree about another lost city being the story point or how the gimmick fest direction the multiplayer took but she did a fantastic job all considering.

Hell I will always want her version of Uncharted 4, she wouldn't have made someone like Nadine that's for sure and even though I don't agree of using a long lost brother storyline for a final chapter being the villain that would have left room open for Elena and Sully to be in the game from the beginning and all away through. I mean I personally thought Uncharted 3 felt more like an Uncharted game than Uncharted 4 even right down to the tiny little things like the music or new modern lay out to the title screen. She should have been there to finish it, it seems she was great friends with them all and Uncharted was her baby at the end of the day.

Another Universe I guess....

BehindTheRows746d ago

Nadine was fine.

That said, I enjoyed Uncharted 3, so yeah, I’d love to see what else she could come up with.

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AnubisG746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

Nadine is a horrible character. I hated her. That twig of a character was able to beat the crap out of Nate and his brother with ease....yeah right. They would have eaten her alive.

-Foxtrot746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

Nadine was not fine

They knew this

They then forced her in story wise to Lost Legacy rather than Charlie Cutter, kind of in a way to say "In the future, Nadine will be around with Uncharted for a long time"

It's just ridiculous, she had no right to be there.

Peeler1829746d ago

the fact that Nadine beat up a couple of middle-aged men barely even registered as a thing for me. I can’t understand why people get so furious over her existence

-Foxtrot746d ago

It's what she represents

Neil apparently is a big fan of Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency, so it's said that he created someone like Nadine to please them in a kind of "Look at me, I'm helping" way. In the end Feminist Frequency didn't like her mostly because you can't please those types of people.

Point is Nate has managed to take on so many people in the main games and prequel, he's took on highly skilled mercenaries, ruthless pirates, well trained secret agents and so on. He's always had the shit kicked out of him but he got a number of punches in aswell, it was a proper brawl, a fight for survival.

Nadine...well, she's just a trained mercenary, people who Nate has battled before and yet he can't land one punch on her...ONE, in all the times you fight her, it's ridiculous and you can see Neil's little agenda come through, it's just unrealistic when we know who Nate has defeated and had fights with.

Then when it become two against one later on, when Sam joined you, they BOTH couldn't land one hit on her, BOTH OF THEM. I mean that's just f***** ridiculous no matter how you spin it.

So yeah that's the issue, Nadine represents Neil's turn and how he creates a character that goes against past scenarios just to suit his own personal views.

Amy Hennig is a woman and she wouldn't have allowed that to happen, no way.

Kornholic746d ago

It didn't register because you have a poor understanding of biology and physics.

Peeler1829746d ago

@Foxtrot fair enough. I just considered her to be a character, nothing more. any sense of agenda never came across to me - I’ve seen people refer to her as a feminazi, which seems absurdly hyperbolic to me.

As far as the realism of it goes - Nate really should have died many times over, and the very fact that he is a one-man massacre indicates that they don’t take the notion of realism too seriously.

It’s just a story, at the end of the day.

Peeler1829746d ago

I’m case you hadn’t noticed, Naughty Dod games don’t tend to adhere to biology (fungus zombies) and physics (falling out of planes) too closely

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And in lost legacy the villain (a male) was also untouchable in combat. People are overthinking this, uncharted 4 was a masterpiece. 2 will always have the best story though.

BehindTheRows745d ago (Edited 745d ago )

Well said. Seems such a notion is like pulling teeth. And I also agree with you about the realism. Funny they talk about that, while Nate was able to "just dodge" death many, many times over. In some cases, very unrealistically.

As you say, it's just a story. The artist can tell it from what ever perspective he wishes. Don't like it? Too bad. Stay away from the material then. Doesn't require some ridiculous analysis of why a capable woman can beat up two capable men.


Well said my friend.

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Solid_Malone746d ago

@Foxtrot: Completely agree with you. Amy Hennig was so right to helm the Uncharted universe and with her gone from ND was a great disappoint and worry when news broke. I wonder what really happened and what her thoughts on Neil are. Uncharted 4 was okay but the story just didn't have the Amy Hennig quality content, instead it felt forced to introduce characters like Nadine.

BehindTheRows745d ago (Edited 745d ago )

I mean, it's fine if YOU TWO hated her, but she worked for the story. Yes, she was fine. Show me the proof that "they knew otherwise"...

And yes, there are women out there who can take men just as she did. It's not some new phenomenon and her looks are irrelevant to that fact.

-Foxtrot745d ago (Edited 745d ago )


It's not the saying she couldn't take them, it's the fact they never got a single punch in, even when it was 2 v 1, they wrote her as a mary sue who are way over powered. This just showed you where Neil was starting to go with his writing.

Look at the writing of Elena, Chloe or Marlowe, way better than someone like her.

You're telling me she was even better than a tanked up super powered Lazarević? I highly doubt it

BehindTheRows745d ago

Well, stick to your view on it, I'll continue to respectfully disagree.

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TheGamez100746d ago

Really miss Amy, such a shame whats happened to her over the years with the talent she has.

Bruh746d ago

she went to EA, so pretty much wrote the ending on her creativity there. Microsoft should pick her up if Sony doesn't offer a spot on another studio. She's a great writer

zielocz3k746d ago

I miss her so much :( i hope she will come back to Uncharted...

Games1st746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

She is in a happier and healthier place. Developers should have a life beyond their game.

"What I remember most about all the projects is how we just crunched, and it got worse with every project."

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