BAFTA to Honor Nolan North with Special Award

The prominent voice actor will receive the first award for "games performance" at a ceremony in LA on June 11. The event, which takes place on the eve of the E3 games conference in Los Angeles (12-14 June), is part of BAFTA’s ever-increasing global games activity.

The award will be presented to Nolan North, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to performance in games. Previous games professionals to receive a BAFTA Special Award include Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill (on behalf of Riot Games), Brenda Romero, Amy Hennig and Markus Persson.

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ArchangelMike526d ago

It's about time. How many games has this guys talent elevated. His performance as David in TLOU is by far on of his bet performances. It goes without saying that without Nolan North, it would be a very different Nathan Drake.

It's good to also see Amy Hennig being recognised as well. It's a shame that she hasn't quite landed on her feet, but hopefully this will give her some much needed recognition.

-Foxtrot526d ago

Finally. He’s been up a few times for Uncharted Best Actor at the Video Game Awards but used to always miss out...I’m sure he won one of them eventually

XxSPIDEYxX526d ago

My favorite voice actor of all time, well deserved. His latest performance in God of War was incredible.

UCForce526d ago

I was surprised he and Troy Baker were in God Of War.

ClayRules2012526d ago

So happy for Nolan!

Nolan, Emily, and Richard were the first actors to ever make me feel real emotions in video games, with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Him and j Nolan as David in TLoU still gives me the willies. Amazing in that game as well. Such a strong, special, well rounded actor, who’s stayed humble since his career took off with Uncharted.

Much respect & love to him!

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