Uncharted's Nolan North on who should play Nathan Drake in a movie: 'Not Mark Wahlberg'

UNCHARTED'S Nolan North gives his say on what he'd like to see if the game ever gets the Hollywood treatment and who he'd like to see play Nathan Drake.

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naruga1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

although Walberg doesnt look much like Drake ..i would nt mind if he will portray him ...the actor who will play drake must have agile body physique ..Walberg has that physique and also has the witty humor put just a good looking -gym pumped actor like Chris Patt wouldnt be proper ...

Nitrowolf21828d ago


Nathan fillion
Jeremy Renner (an older drake)

They both have the look nail the look IMO and even have the great sense of humor.

Yi-Long1828d ago

Tyler Hoechlin would have been perfect, but he'll be playing Superman on the Supergirl TV Show.

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bloop1828d ago

@Luffy: I thought you were being serious there for a second!! I still wonder how anyone gives Statham a role in anything.

darthv721828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

It really depends on the time frame the movie is supposed to take place in. Would Drake need to be in his 30's or 40's or younger? I like the Nathan Fillion and Jeremy Renner idea if they were going for a 40 something Drake. And both can do sarcastic jokes while dangling from a ledge or in a high tense action chase sequence.

@zeuanimals... shows that you know nothing about either actor. They are the same age. both born in 1971 and are now 45 ea. Even Walberg is 45.

zeuanimals1828d ago

Fillion's too old now. Jeremy Renner's a good pick. Oscar Isaac's one of my favorite actors though, and I think he can play the part. Naughty Dog have said that Nate has a little Hispanic in him, Oscar Isaac's full Guatemalan but it could work.

shauzy1827d ago

@luffy123 Statham can play Charlie cutter

Dspdspes1827d ago

Nathan Fillion would be IMHO perfect. Funny, sarcastic and similar enough. Check Serenity/Firefly

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AtomHeart6231828d ago

Ummmm Pratt is a lot funnier than walberg

steven83r1828d ago

Yes he is but he is stupid funny not asshole funny. Drake is sarcastic with his jokes. Wahlberg plays the sarcastic funny asshole role perfect in his movies.

darthv721828d ago

Pratt is taller and younger than Walberg but it really depends on how old Drake needs to be in the movie. Starlord vs Marky Mark....

Sunny_D1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Drake isn't supposed to be buff. Mark Walberg is buff as hell. Remember the movie No Pain No Gain with the Rock?

-Foxtrot1829d ago

Nolan North should.

It's Sony Pictures they should get him on a strict bulk up diet, apply some good makeup to make him look younger and take a chance on him along with Richard and Emily.

If they want big stars then get Navaro, Roman and Eddie to be played by big celebs to draw in a crowd. Maybe a cameo from some others in the form of a pirate or whatever. Maybe a Sir Francis Drake flashback who knows.

Fact is they should just condense the games script and use that.

Spurg1828d ago

Nolan North doesn't have great acting creds. I can't even name a film he was in. He more of a voice guy than an actor.

The Drake character was based on fireflies main character played by Nathan Fillion, who will no doubt be an excellent fit for the Uncharted. Hell Nathan Fillion being an excellent actor won't even be able to sell Uncharted because he doesn't do movies and inspire people to watch the film.
People need to have a realistic stance on this, we need a person who can sell the uncharted movie to people like Fassbender and its cast is selling the Assassins creed movie.
One of the many things that didn't gel with me with the Warcraft movie was the main actor. I didn't know who he was and that played a huge factor in my interest in the film.

Nitrowolf21828d ago

Yet a vast majority of times, no matter how big the actor may be, the video game adaptation film usually ends up bad.

Max payne, Mortal Kombat, Doom, Hitman, that resident evil afterlife (you know, the one that took iconic characters like chris)

I can keep going, and they all have big name actors tied to them

IceKoldKilla1827d ago

You do realize he acts in Uncharted. They do motion cap where he literally acts everything out. If anything his credentials should be more valued since he has to imagine the scenery because he's just in a white room with a special suit, a shit ton of cameras and fake objects that represent guns, tools and other various objects. I say he SHOULD play the role. Who better than someone who looks like Drake... because he is, has played Drake for years... because he is Drake, and who... IS DRAKE!

rdgneoz31827d ago

As IceKoldKilla said, mocap... They had to act out the cut scenes in a body suit to get things right.

You want to see how well some "voice actors" can do acting, just watch the Last of Us on stage (The Last of Us: Last Night).

Best part of the Last Night -

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iceman061828d ago

While I would agree that North is the perfect Drake, hell he's the only Drake we KNOW. I don't think that would fly in a Hollywood "blockbuster" film. You HAVE to have an established name as the lead. It's the norm and the very reason why actors and actresses are shoved into these bring in the masses. WE know the story and love it. The masses have to be brought in. Many people need that draw of a high profile actor to even consider watching a movie. It sucks. But, it's the Hollyweird norm. I'd be excited to see North get the nod. But, I understand how he doesn't stand much of a chance.

Gaming_Cousin1828d ago

Opps I meant Joel from The Last of Us.

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Rhezin1828d ago

how do you get Tom Cruise and a voice actor from TLOU confused.

HallowedSoul11828d ago

Yeah he was perfect during firefly days now he's too old has a bad back ( why he's fat now ).

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holdmyown831828d ago

Make James Roday (Shawn from psych) lose a few pounds and he would be the perfect do

Kemo_Spear1828d ago

I was thinking the same thing.