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Hotline Miami Quick Play HD - GigaBoots

865d ago - GB said: "Have you ever seen Drive? Me nei­ther. Let’s mur­der dudes!" | PS3

Hotline Miami 2 looks hot, is weird

873d ago - Here's some fresh gameplay footage brought to you by a talking chicken. | PC

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Hotline Miami PS Vita Preview – Crazy, Beautiful, Violent | JTM Games

970d ago - "Hotline Miami is gory, heinous, and a stark representation of the violence in gaming. But that’s... | PS Vita

Hotline Miami (PS Vita) Preview - GameRevolution

973d ago - GR: "As part of PlayStation's indie push at GDC 2013, Hotline Miami leads the charges guns blazin... | PS3

Heads Up: Hotline Miami [HalfBeard's HUD]

1128d ago - HalfBeard's pulls on his owl mask and goes and murders dudes in what one can only hope is a dream. | PC

Hotline Miami is a pleasantly brutal blood fest - GameZone preview

1133d ago - GameZone's David Sanchez writes: "Hotline Miami is an action game that looks to deliver some incr... | PC

PREVIEW: Hotline Miami | Saving Content

1140d ago - Excerpt: "That speaks to another degree of difficulty in Hotline Miami, is your fragility. It tak... | PC

Hotline Miami Hands-On Preview | Dealspwn

1149d ago - Dealspwn: Hotline Miami is a visceral video nasty that proves strangely hypnotic. The colours, th... | PC

The Gaming Vault Hands-On: Hotline Miami (PC)

1150d ago - Looks can be deceiving. Never judge a book by its cover. Never confuse a baseball bat with a sh... | PC

Hotline Miami: unmasking indie gaming’s ultraviolent video nasty | PC Gamer

1151d ago - Graham Smith: "A lot of purple prose is going to be written about Hotline Miami, by people like m... | PC

GameSpy - Call and Leave a Message With Hotline Miami

1175d ago - GameSpy - It's hard to pinpoint when Hotline Miami really got its hooks in me. Was it the way the... | PC

Atomic Gamer: Hotline: Miami Preview

1180d ago - Atomic Gamer: The first big video game to really dig into the seedy underground of 1980s Miami wa... | PC

Hotline Miami: Hands-On Preview | Blistered Thumbs

1183d ago - BT writes: You. Buy this game when it comes out. Play this game when it comes out. It’s all k... | PC

Hotline Miami Preview - Grotesque violence at its finest | MMGN.COM

1204d ago - writes: I thrust open the door, knocking the unsuspecting drug dealer to the ground befo... | PC

Rezzed 2012 Conference - Indie Games Previewed

1226d ago - I greet you as one freshly returned from the inaugural (and hopefully now anual) PC gaming expo:... | PC

Hotline Miami Preview (Strategy Informer)

1234d ago - From "Despite having some fierce competition, Hotline Miami was probably th... | PC
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