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Hotline Miami User Reviews


Hotline Miami

- PC

The seemingly innocuous lo-fi, chill-wave tones of Hotline Miami’s main menu theme are deceptive and subtle. A quality that both perfectly encapsulates the game, and contradicts it. It’s a pervasively paradoxical sensation that is present throughout the game and never leaves Here you have a game that is gloriously violent, but quite aware of the dehumanization that fetishizing of violence ca...



Hotline Miami

- PS Vita

There’s just something about Hotline Miami that’s instantly appealing. Whether it’s the overindulgent graphics that make up the main menu, the calming music that precedes your play time or the minor titbits of exposition that layer each addictive level, Hotline Miami’s introductory minutes are the perfect blend of both simplicity and style. But Hotline Miami doesn’t just have style full-s...



Hotline Miami

- PS4

I was one of those gamers who did not get the chance to experience Hotline Miami when it first launched on PC in 2012 and on PS3/PS Vita a year later. However, with the recent PlayStation 4 release, there was no way I was going to skip playing this title once again. I went into Hotline Miami with a brief knowledge of what the game was about; it’s a crazy, bloody and action-packed top down shoot...

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Hotline Miami

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