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SEEPing Together: Fanmade Mashups From Italy

301d ago - Fan-made games are nothing new, but everyone has a unique direction and take on the idea. AUTOMAT... | PC

Sony: Buy Sega, Get These 12 Dynamite Games on PS4 & Vita

379d ago - "You may have heard that Sega is laying off 300 employees, a move that usually signals dark time... | PS4

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Not so jolly cooperation: 5 worst co-op games

693d ago - We all like to play video games with our friends. However, there are many games that will strain... | Culture

Retro Review: Golden Axe

973d ago - Constant hacking and slashing. Gnome bashing. Screen-filling magic. Dragon riding. These features... | Retro

Time to remember: Golden Axe

991d ago - Golden Axe was one of the first beat'em ups by Sega and was released back in 1989. This article i... | Culture

Leviathyn | Every Game He's Ever Beaten: Part 2

1356d ago - Join Blake Anglin of as he journeys through his gaming life in a timeline of games... | Culture

Fun Facts About Golden Axe

1447d ago - IGN: When you spend enough time with a person - be it a sibling, a friend, or a spouse - you com... | PC

PlayStation Store Preview – July 19, 2011: Limbo, a Great Place to Be

1670d ago - Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in PSLS' weekly PlayStat... | PSP

Trophy Guide: Golden Axe

1676d ago - Grant of wrties: "Having the excitement of Welcome Back behind us and the thril... | Xbox 360

Retro-Active: Golden Axe series - GameShard

1691d ago - GameShard takes a look back at Sega's classic Golden Axe franchise. | Retro

Gaming’s Greatest: Badasses

1746d ago - Botchweed: "Back in the good ol’ eighties, action cinema centred around one common concept: The B... | Xbox 360

The Retro Review |

1800d ago - Lazygamer breaks down their favourite retro games of all time. | Arcade

Yet another classic franchise potentially ruined

2927d ago -"When I was growing up, one of my fondest memories was playing Sega's ori... | 1,2,11

The other upcoming Xbox games... (Part 1)

2952d ago - Not excited enough about Xbox 360's future line-up? Try this little lot... Kicking things of... | 2

21 Reasons Why E3 Sucked

3126d ago - In this article Gameplayer argues that E3 2007 will be remembered for the games that didn't appea... | 20,1,2,3,12

Xbox 360 RPGs of 2007

3313d ago - After yesterday's look at the Nintendo Wii, RPGSite decides it's about time they took a look at M... | 2
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