Trophy Guide: Golden Axe

Grant of wrties:

"Having the excitement of Welcome Back behind us and the thrill of new items coming soon; what better way to end it than another classic? As most readers should have plus by the time Golden Axe hits stateside lets look at how to complete this classic as easily as possible."

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rrquinta2685d ago

I always like trophy guides, even if I don't usually have time to acquire most of them.

TheLiztress2685d ago

Same here. They're handy for when I do decide to tackle getting all of them.

admiralvic2685d ago

Believe it or not I am on the fence with them. One thing that always crushes my spirits is learning of a better way of doing something. Prime example would be the unlimited ammo in Red Faction (which I believe doesn't void the trophies) or things along those lines. They're helpful to many; though sometimes learning of the best method (which you're trying) will not help you AT ALL lol.

Jamesmanguyperson2684d ago

I used to love this game as a kid. Gonna complete it on my own first then definitely use the guide as a reference.