5 Video Game Reboots You Didn't Know You Wanted

Five unexpected suggestions for modern reboots of classic titles.

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chrisx521d ago (Edited 521d ago )

Legacy of Kain needs to be rebooted. Raziel needs a long overdue comeback

Inzo519d ago

As does Contra and Primal Rage

Retroman520d ago

Every Sega, Every snes titles need to be Rebooted for ps4.
Let the Good times Roll again .

SideNote519d ago

Panzer dragon, hell even a remaster would do...of all of them.

RufusvonBalsac519d ago

Golden Axe cover looking great. I miss those airbrush art.

519d ago
MWH519d ago

After the powerful ending of Defiance we had to come to terms that we may never know what happens next. rebooting the series could be a challenge but if done right, if ever, gamers will be treated with one of the best narratives of all.

you also have to remember a very important fact, yes Raziel is a pivotal and a polarizing persona but if you were following from the beginning you should know it has always been about the titular character of this epic, Kain.

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