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20 Best Real time Strategy Games of All Time

635d ago - Chillopedia: Strategy games hold particular importance for the gaming community as these type of... | Culture

Flexible history

994d ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Fraser Brown proposes that anachronisms in video games can be a good thing. From... | PC

Bloodborne (PS4) Review

Now - Ken steps into the world of Bloodborne, prepared to die. | Promoted post

Can PC game Civilisation predict the future?

1038d ago - A man who has been playing the computer game Civilisation II for ten years describes the year 399... | PC

Player’s decade-old Civilization II game is a world of “hellish nightmare”

1038d ago - If the world’s remaining three superpowers stay locked in eternal struggle after a cataclysmic nu... | PC

Ten Years of Civ II Lock The World in Perpetual War

1038d ago - This is kind of amazing: one gamer, over on Reddit, has been playing the same save game of Civili... | PC

VGRT Gaming Podcast Episode 257: The Golden Boys

1113d ago - This week’s episode has a lot of … personality. That is, a lot of mockery, cursing, sniping, and... | PC

Civilization MMO In The Works?

1362d ago - Rumors abound! It comes a little out of left field - and straight out of the book of awesomeness... | PC

Computer Learns to Play Civilization, Wins 79 Percent of Matches

1373d ago - Scientists at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have accomplished something... | PC

Unoriginal Soundtracks Podcast: Civilization Edition

1457d ago - Alex Martin writes: Every other Wednesday I share a playlist of songs tangentially related to a s... | PC

Games for a Hangover: the Civilization series (

1615d ago - BeefJack: "The reality is too much to take. Your skull feels like it’s two sizes too small for yo... | PC

Civ through the years

1655d ago - For those who are unfamiliar with the franchise, Sid Meier's Civilization is a long-standing and... | Nintendo DS

Cultural Victory: A Personal History of the Civilization Series

1668d ago - How the Civilization series shaped Richard Moss's youth and challenged his world view. | PC

IGN: What is Civilization?

1670d ago - IGN writes: "Just to be clear, the title of this article refers to Firaxis' videogame, not civ... | PC

Top 10 PC Games Ever

1754d ago - A run through of the top ten PC games ever made. The most addictive and enjoyable titles from the... | PC

GamePro: History of Sid Meier's Civilization

1809d ago - From its origins as the offspring of spiritual ancestor Railroad Tycoon to the Facebook-exclusive... | PC

Civilization V Preview: Small Changes, Big Differences

1864d ago - Kotaku gives the first exclusive preview of Civilization V at the Game Developers Conference 2010... | 12

Lookin' Back #2 - Civilization

2161d ago - Brutal Gamer writes - 'Welcome to another edition of Lookin' Back, in which we take a trip throug... | 1,2,11,12

A Playthrough of Civilization 4 From A Bored Video Game Reviewer

2246d ago - A bored had a few beers in the evening and decided to fire up Civilization IV on a lark. After he... | 11,12

Guilty Pleasure Games: What's Yours?

2248d ago - "There are some things in my life that I'm proud of. I have wicked strong fingernails and ma... | 11

Galactic Civilization II Expansion Planned

3243d ago - The official GalCiv 2 website has given word that Stardock is planning to develop an expansion pa... | 12

Axiom Verge (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out this throwback to the classic SNES days. | Promoted post
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