Computer Learns to Play Civilization, Wins 79 Percent of Matches

Scientists at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have accomplished something that scares the feces out of me. They’ve successfully taught a computer to play Civilization II. Even more impressive: Not only does the computer know how to play the game, it’s pretty damn good at it, winning games at a 79 percent clip.

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Godmars2902591d ago

Wasn't it technically playing with itself *on* itself?

Ares842591d ago

Yeah this is pretty much BS.

I mean ever since there are video games you are playing against a computer who IS playing against you. You can even change it's level of intelligence (easy, medium, hard, etc) So I'm not sure how they call this any kind of breakthrough or even something news worthy. A computer doesn't need to learn like us humans, it just needs to be programed and it does anything better and faster than us.

evrfighter2591d ago

You guys are way off course. Read kuv's post.

That said I wonder how it do playing total war

ATiElite2590d ago

But still can't run Crysis!

BlmThug2591d ago

They Better Not Pull A Skynet

KUV19772591d ago

You should actually read the original Article. The computer was initially not given any instructions at all and after a while of playing it beat the game in somewhat under 50%. After it was told 'Building A does that' & ' Unit B does that' it started building own strategies and then won the game in 79% of all cases. It was not integral part of the game software. It was a piece of software that used the game as a human would - i.E. pushing buttons and winning wars, without knowing internal data that a cpu-enemy in the game itself would have had. I think it's pretty much amazing... You know: 'Computers aren't smart. They just think they are'.

Jsynn72591d ago