When did you know you were playing a game way too much?

PC Gamer writes: Many games are designed to be extremely moreish. Civ invites you to click that end-turn button and keep building your empire. Online games like Runescape let you team up with like-minded people from around the globe to go on adventures. Surely you can fit another round of Dota 2 in before bed, and maybe another. But there comes a time when it all has to stop, right? Right??

This week's question: When did you know you were playing a game way too much? Let the confessions begin.

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MrsNesbitt171d ago

Dota 2 the ultimate culprit!

strayanalog171d ago

Or any one of its sequels, like Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

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ZaWarudo171d ago

When i was basically plugged into the wall with my PSP. I was playing Persona 3 Portable for 14 hours straight.

It was my first Persona game and first SMT game.

Sam Fisher170d ago

Good choice there, dont worry it happens to all of us

crazychris4124171d ago

When you hear birds chirping and then you remember you started playing after dinner

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Apocalypse Shadow171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

When I pressed start after the credits rolle unless I could skip the credits sooner.

Asteroids,defender,pitfall,he ro,Galaga, dig dug, yi are kung fu, gyruss,Mega man,metroid, contra, castlevania, ninja gaiden, Zelda, super Mario,Gunstar heroes, streets of rage, street fighter 2,phantasy star, super monaco gp,syphon filter, Tenchu, tekken,guardian heroes, ready 2 rumble, soul calibur,nfl 2k,nba 2k,ridge racer, gran turismo, ace combat, resident evil,devil may cry, so on and so forth yada yada yada blah blah blah. Yes I've played a lot of games.

Back then up until this point, if a game is FUN,doesn't matter how it looks, how long it is, how many blisters, how many cramped hands throwing hadokens,if it's fun, I just kept playing and hitting start. Only stopping to eat, do homework, sleep(after the sun came up), pee, etc. Then jump right back in.

Now, I feel I don't have the time as I once did. But currently, I have spent many, many hours playing raw data with all the different characters and super hot on psvr among the other games I have. Dual wielding definitely has that Dante feel crossing hands or shooting from behind my head to the side.(yes,you can pull that off in psvr)There's just nothing else like it. And let's not even talk about being the archer. It's like being green arrow for hours on end.

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The story is too old to be commented.