Player’s decade-old Civilization II game is a world of “hellish nightmare”

If the world’s remaining three superpowers stay locked in eternal struggle after a cataclysmic nuclear war, what would it look like?

Reddit user Lycerius paints a bleakly nihilist answer via an ongoing experiment of what the future holds using a 10-year-old Civilization II game. The fate awaiting us all? “A hellish nightmare world of suffering and devastation,” according to Lycerius.

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davidfca2169d ago

Wait, is this a game of Civ II that he's actually had ongoing for ten years?

Ulf2169d ago

No. That would be way more interesting

Sadie21002169d ago

Yup, he's been playing for that long. Ridiculous...but funny.

acronkyoung2168d ago

I wish I had the dedication to play a game for 10 years.