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predator  +   2974d ago
this is actually shaping up to be really good, lets hope they deliver on their promise. i enjoyed the first one.
InMyOpinion  +   2974d ago
I loved the first one. It had great graphics/physics, great controls and a lot of features you couldn't find in GTA. Nice missions as well.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2974d ago
comparing SR to GTA:SA is not fair.
and GTA IV could have all these things.
InMyOpinion  +   2974d ago
Is it impossible to like them both for different reasons? I do.
THC CELL  +   2974d ago
needs better online
MK_Red  +   2974d ago
I'm still not convinced. Original was terrible IMO and this one isn't doing much better even with the added "sex" appeal and plane crashing system.
Prototype, InFamous and GTA4 are the sandbox titles that I care about unless SR2 can pull off a miracle.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2974d ago
i`m w/ you.
mesh1  +   2974d ago
ur a bit brain dead mk red what is infamous i agree gt4 will better but what the hell is infamous saint row 2 will be close behind gt4 deal with it mk red its 360 only dont cry cause it is
ThichQuangDuck  +   2974d ago
Saints row was average
I mean it was fun in a way but overall average and the shooting didnt feel fun to me at least. Anyway the ending was good if they didnt begin it with this twist in SR2 and GTA IV is just going to be more enjoyable to me but whatever your preference might be have fun.
LinuxGuru  +   2974d ago
ok mesh....
if there's anyone on this site who ISN'T brain-dead, it's MK_Red.

Oh, and some info for ya:

Saints Row 2 is in development for PS3 and Xbox 360. (Not that I care in the least bit)

The first Saints game was pure crap....kill people to earn buy better clothes and guns....kill even more people to buy even better clothes, jewelry and guns....please, can we get better gameplay ideas than that?

I will only play the next saints row if they choose to evolve beyond the immensely shallow structure of the first game.

I swear....Saints Row only markets towards the extremely shallow, brute-force and materialistic culture known as rap / hip-hop.

3 of my graphic design classmates are big into the rap / hip-hop scene, and they are the only ones who praise the hell out of Saints Row.

Seriously....who would want to play this game unless you're already neck-deep in an obsession with women, cars, violence, money, clothes, outward appeal.....etc?

Unfortunately, I'm labeling people with stereotypes, but I can assure you that there is....generally speaking....a certain demographic that plays games like this.

And it's obvious fact that this game is marketed towards them!

And I'm not part of them.....thankfully.

Ok....let the hating on me begin!
misterssippi  +   2974d ago
So whats your point, isnt that what San Andreas was all about? Beat up hookers, car jack people, hot coffee, etc. Your point is moot being that GTA is the game that basically started the whole "obsession with women, cars, violence, money, clothes, outward appeal" in video games. GTA games are all about murdering, robbing, drug dealing, mafioso type entertainment. C'mon hookers and drugs, same thing as SR. So if you like GTA its ok, but if you like SR you are automatically in a certain demographic? Your arguement makes no sense at all.
Madbrain  +   2974d ago
"a serious threat to GTA IV"????
That is hilarious and stupid!!
Wait to see the sales of GTA IV... it will be off the shelves within hours...
Fresh  +   2974d ago
"It’s aiming to be a serious threat to GTA IV’s world conquering plans."

I don't think so,the first one on the Xbox 360 was okay,GTA is a proven franchise/series,SR isn't.
bluecapone  +   2974d ago
Saints Row=Crap
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   2974d ago
lol this is no threat to gta
the first saints row was no where near as good as san andreas and this doesnt look like it'll change anything. flying through buildings? whoop-dee-doo. im gonna admit i did have a little fun with sr1 but that was only because it was the only free roam city game at the time but when gta4 comes out, its gonna re-invent the genre rockstar created
kiikoooo  +   2974d ago
even it turns out to be good you just cant put any game infront of gta. its gonna sell ALOOOOT no matter what.
Alcohog  +   2974d ago
richie007bond  +   2974d ago
FOOKING FANBOYS.I enjoyed the first saints row it was a awesome game with fantastic graphics and physics,just like i enjoyed the gta games also.Bring on saints row 2 i cant wait,bring on gta4 there gonna be awesome games people no matter what system there on..
Achievement Unlocked  +   2974d ago
never play much of the first SR. but friends always told me it was tight.

ill be sure to check the next one out. but direct competition with gta? hmmm i dont think so not quite yet. actually itll never probably be at the level of gta.
bootsielon  +   2974d ago
That's like saying Killzone 2 is a threat to Halo 3
While Killzone 2 might end up being great, it's unproven, and furthermore, nothing was gonna make a dent in Halo's sales anyway.
sonyfanonly  +   2974d ago
are they going to release the first on ps3 because part 2 is on ps3 also
zonetrooper5  +   2974d ago
Saints Row 1 rocked, man you guys are silly. I'm going to get GTA IV and Saints Row 2 as they both fu3king rule!
peksi  +   2974d ago
Online co-op roxx big time. I wonder if that's a multiplatform release? From the sound of the article it sounded like 360 / PC only.
Premonition  +   2974d ago
Saints row 2 was already announced for PS3 the same day it was announced for xbox360.
BIGBAER  +   2974d ago
I had more fun with Saints Row than ANY GTA to date....
The WOW! factor was everywhere. Funny as hell too!
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marcellizot  +   2974d ago
The first saints row was junk food, a luke warm bacon double cheese burger with limp fries and a sugary over iced gallon of coke.

GTA is a Fillet steak served with chasseure sauce, potatoe dophinoise and parsnip fritters washed down with a strong bodied merlot.

I really don't think the two will even compare.
Premonition  +   2974d ago
Also jack will go to town with this, seeing as you can fly planes into buildings, and people still and wont forget 911, so when jack puts a video of him doing this, this will cause some problems, and heat for the devs.
Timesplitter14  +   2974d ago
"You’ll also be able to fly right through a building! How cool is that? We can’t wait to cleave right through skyscraper penthouse to take out an enemy"

OH GOD THIS SMELLS BAD! This game will be banned in ten minutes lol.
name  +   2974d ago
If GTA4 fails to meet my expectations(and I'm about 80% it will, for obvious reasons) then I'll pick up saints row for the customization options alone.
THE_JUDGE  +   2974d ago
I think both GTA and Saints Row
need to go back to the drawing board and come out with fresh ideas. I was bored after the second GTA. Too much freedom can be a curse in a game.
monkey602  +   2974d ago
Saints Row 2 will be the game for those who didnt get there GTA4 pre-orders in on time.
NanoGeekTech  +   2974d ago
Could not get into the First game
I hope this is alot better than the first one.....It tried so hard to be was almost a little annoying....The game had great potential....But all you can do is hope...

"Keep Hope alive"
SlappingOysters  +   2974d ago
New Link
Sorry guys, they changed the link on me. The new one has been added as an alternate source
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2974d ago
I'm one of the "growing" few that enjoyed Saints Row more than GTA
Saints Row gave me what GTA didn't last round "online and custimation" of everything. Didn't give us Motorcycles, boats or flying though :-(

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