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There is lighting and shadows, you can see the shadows on Samus and enemies when they walk into light sources that are being cast from the background lol.

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They could easily release MW2 with micro transactions, they did it was the MW1 remaster lol.

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All companies do this, they're not going to tell you about a new, better product if sales for the current one are doing great.

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I was at work when they sold out here in Canada, I ended up preordering it off of Amazon Japan since they’re still available and it’s in English, with priority shipping it was 180$ CAD with the double amiibo pack, not going to give my money to scalpers and i cancel if we get more here.

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I find they're generally fun to watch, there was plenty of games shown coming out this year that I'm looking forward to.

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Fusion was my favourite game in the series, just had a terrific atmosphere and horror elements, I'm so happy we're getting a squeal to it.

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Prime is still coming, this is being made by the guys who did the 3DS remake of Samus Returns, not Retro Studios.

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It wasn't 10 years in the making, it was cancelled twice when it was a DS game and was always supposed to be a sequel to Metroid Fusion.

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Looks much better, can’t wait to jump in.

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Psshhh, i'd rather play some Runescape on a 2000 player server from 2004! in all seriousness they never said 128 players was new to gaming but alright lol.

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They're doing a full overview tomorrow of the multiplayer, I'd hardly consider 2-3 seconds of Samurai armour that looks like it might just be an updated version of the popular Hayabusa armour from Halo 3 a focus on microtransactions when the rest of the trailer was quickly going over new weapons/abilities.

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Oh no, the new AI has a UNSC outfit on, the game is literately ruined. /s

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We know the maps are going to be significantly larger than in past games due to player count but not much past that, if each one is full of fun gimmicks and/or events with heavily detailed environments then the quantity personally don't bother me but that's a big if, hopefully they show all this off on the weekend gameplay reveal.

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Well he's not wrong, 42/BF2/2142's "campaigns" were just bot matches on MP maps, 3/4/Hardline were pretty mediocre and BF1/5 felt more like tech demo's with little chunks of dialogue to show off the game engines rather than engaging stories.

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Say what you want about Geoff but he’s busted his ass for years, good on him.

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The one thing that it does have going for it is weight, it weighs less than a 3DS XL so if you like playing laying down it's a good option, otherwise the original is better.

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You're worrying about a watch and it showing what class you are which isn't new to the franchise?

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We had a large bar/arcade open up here a few years ago and it's great, place was always packed when we went and for $20-$30 you can have a great time for 3 hours. Blockbusters on the other hand is different, unless you liked going through a host of older movies or games and picked up snacks on the way out there wasn't a reason to go there more than once a month, it's like going through Netflix ect and skipping through 99% of the content because you've either seen it or don'...

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"So no developer now can use a gliding mechanism because somehow some people believe it was created by BOTW and it must be credited to them."

Well, they did say directly in the article Botw didn't invent the glider and was used in games like Sly 2 lol.

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The gameplay, enemy Ai and shrine like dungeons aren't nearly as refined, it still one of the best games Ubisoft has made in years but there is still a fair bit of room for improvement and less grinding.

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