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But Microsoft don't do it though. A big complaint in continental Europe in fact is that XBL Gold is nowhere near the service it is in English speaking countries in terms of services and content. This is evident when you then realise why the 360 is more popular in the US/UK than it is in Japan and Mainland Europe.

So I think it's something everyone needs to work on, Nintendo included.

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Indeed. Pre-ordered a Premium Pack along with (reluctantly), New Super Mario Bros. U. I'm sure the game will be good but after rinsing New Super Mario Bros 2 only a month or 2 ago, kind of wanted a break from Mario for a while. But seeing as Rayman was delayed, was the next best thing. Not long now.

What i'm really looking forward to is Wii U's Q1 2013 line up. Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3 and Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate is easily 150 Hours + of AAA quality entertain...

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Nintendo really isn't taking the competition seriously when it comes to online. This furthers my point that Wi U is going to be an extremely tough sell for people who aren't fans of Nintendo franchises, Bayonetta or Monster Hunter.

If this is the quality Nintendo is bringing to the online space, or lack there of, then what on earth makes them think people will migrate to Wii U from XBL/PSN instead of just waiting for the next MS/Sony systems.

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Now, while I think that the Wii U won't sell as few units at 7 Million, I do think Pachter is right in that it won't replicate the success of the Wii. The market has changed drastically in the last 6 years and the mainstream market that made up a large majority of the Wii's install base has moved onto the lastest mainstream craze, Smartphones/Tablets.

Having lost significant mindshare among your average gamer outside of the internet such as us who frequent the lik...

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And in making it more realistic, you've made Splinter Cell Blacklist look like just another generic "America f*ck yeah" fest set in the middle east with an infinite number of terrorists to kill. The setting is so over done in the media that I find myself finding it incredibly hard to care for the game.

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This lol. It's still a sales monster (no pun intended). Of course it's still viable. And they're damn good games as well imo, no matter what people say, for me at least.

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Resident Evil has always sold more on PlayStation so that doesn't really surprise me. It's the same way CoD will no doubt always have more people playing on Xbox 360. No surprises. The only time it's an exception is Battlefield 3. Sold less on PS3 but is way more popular on the system than it is on 360 in terms of active players.

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Why Darren Durham is an idiot: This Article. Just reeks of fanboy drivel and a complete disregard for facts that put his biased opinion in the proverbial shitter.

Almost ashamed I gave this article a hit. Do not approve this N4G.

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Judging by what I read in those comments, and comments elsewhere, people seem to use the argument that it's software that makes hardware. No, it's software that makes hardware appealing, but if hardware is good, hardware is good, and no one should take that away from the Vita.

Having got a 3DS on launch day, and a Vita, I can safely say Vita's first year on the market has been far better than the 3DS' first year on the market, software wise. The 3DS has defini...

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I agree with Fishy Fingers. The game is impressive, don't get me wrong, and I'm hyped as hell for it, but calling it a revolution is a tad much, when games have been teetering on the verge of similar emergent gameplay, but the developers of said games have never bothered to truly push it.

I personally think that The Last of Us is a naturally progression of where AI, contextual and emergent gameplay should be going. It's by no means a revolution, but it's an in...

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I do not care. Just give me the games Nintendo, (Which so far, judging by the announcements made, you most certainly will). It's a shame Rayman Legends was delayed but that means Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3 and Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate within the space of 3 months? No console can claim it had such a killer line up of exclusive games within the first 3 months of it's life. Can't wait.

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Next generation has been skewered in definition somewhat by the rampant fanboyism and internet politics that gaming has come to be surrounded by since the birth of forums and social networks. Next Generation literally means the next generation of consoles. It has nothing to do with whether or not Wii U can run Crysis at 120fps with tessellation and HD textures.

The Wii was next generation at the time because it came after the Gamecube. All next generation means is the next ge...

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These Nintendo reps have no relationship with Nintendo other than being on hand to help demo the system at events like this. These are the same reps that tried to tell me, while I was playing the Pikmin 3 demo at Eurogamer, that the game would release this holiday, despite it being confirmed numerous times that it's dropping in Q1 2013 from Nintendo themselves.

This claim is bull, to say the least. Not even the Nextbox and PS4 will be 19x the PS3. These meaningless multip...

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That means I have nothing to buy at the Wii U launch then. I don't think I'm ready for another New Super Mario Bros. game as I rinsed New Super Mario Bros. U, and I don't think Nintendo Land will be enough to tide me over. We'll see though. How annoying.

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You have it all wrong. The issue is the overtly pro-american vibe I, and many others have got from the games marketing. Being a british national, with jamaican heritage I find it rather ridiculous when going by history, both sides of the war were as evil as each other.

Hence forth, I don't expect the 'america fuck yeah' ideals to creep into yet another AAA game when Alex Hutchinson specifically said that Conor didn't necessarily have solid allegiances

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To all the people gunning the guy who said it looks like Uncharted with a woman, after playing it at Eurogamer, I can't lie, it did feel like that. Gone is the feeling of adventure and exploration the older Tomb Raider games gave.

You're funnelled through environments via incredibly Uncharted-esque set pieces and it all feels extremely scripted. I'm looking forward to it but it felt far too much like Uncharted than it did a Tomb Raider game.

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From what I've seen, 5/10 seems generous.

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Yes but, it literally seems as if, instead of porting the console/PC version to Vita, which is no doubt possible, EA have instead just re-skinned FIFA Football, the Vita launch title, and updated to the roster. FIFA Football 1.5 if you will, instead of an actual FIFA 13. Laziness at it's best.

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Oh please god, no. I want Onimusha to be revived, but not like this.

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The issue here is that this is the exact same situation you had with the PS3 and PS Move. Entry price point to get a Wii like experience was too expensive compared to the Wii. The same issue here is that the average consumer will look at the Wii U, see Mario, Zelda, Pokemon etc and a price point of £250, then look at Vita + PS3 which would set them back nearly £400...I'm pretty sure I know which one will do better.

Why Sony has to even talk about the Wii U is be...

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