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You get my point though, no? The idea that Wii U struggles to run games at 720p and '20/30fps' is absurd. What you're saying proves that point even more lol

PS3/360 couldn't even hope to run a game like Bayonetta 2 or Mario Kart 8 in 1080p and 60fps.

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Considering Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is 720p and 60fps, not to mention New Super Mario Bros. U, Smash Bros and Bayonetta 2 well....I'd say that developer is full of the excrement of a bull.

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Yeah haha been focusing more on other things over the past couple of years so I went radio silent.

OT: I agree. Does no one remember the PS2 launch? And that ended up having one of, if not the best library of any game system released.

PS2 European Launch: (LOL)
Aqua Aqua
Dynasty Warriors 2
FIFA 2001
Gradius III and IV
International Superstar Soccer
NHL 2001
Orphen: Scion of Sorcery <...

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This article is absurd and far too knee jerk. Considering the console is barely even 5 months old, I'm actually surprised how much content both it, and the Xbox One for that matter is getting. It's made even more apparent when you look at the Wii U's line up which is absolutely bare bones right now.

Give it time. E3 will provide the goods. So far theres Guilty Gear Xrd, Lily Bergamo, Drive Club, Deep Down, Project Beast, Uncharted 4, The Order 1886, Rime and Every...

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It's a damn fine looking game. And I'm sure it'll be a damn fine playing game too. Forgoing Watch_Dogs on PS4 to get this instead. Really cannot wait.

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A Demon's Souls sequel is in the works. To my knowledge it's a spiritual sequel though, and won't necessarily be called Demon's Souls 2. However when you see it, you'll know it is a sequel to Demon's Souls. It's for PlayStation 4 too. Not sure of a time frame for it's announcement but I expect it to be at Tokyo Gameshow at least :) The game is the reason Miyazaki stepped down from director position for Dark Souls II.

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I'd believe them if there wasn't such a huge lack of transparency regarding the specs since the machine was revealed. Throwing out buzzwords like '300,000 servers', '5 billion transistors' and 'infinite power of the cloud' mean nothing and if you were that confident in the spec, you would have published a documental with full details, just as Sony did the day after the PS4 was revealed. Talk about trying to save face.

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Thank god that didn't end up being the case lol because in a world where DK isn't a Nintendo creation and was in fact a Rare IP, Microsoft's buyout of the company would probably mean we would have maybe got one more DK game under MS' publishing leadership and have it left at that

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Addictive gameplay I think. Plus there's playing Pokemon, and then theres PLAYING Pokemon. A lot of people don't give it credit for being one of the most in depth RPG's on the market.

It's the perfect example of a game that sets the bar of entry so low that anyone can pick up and play while retaining elements that only a subset of god tier players who devote enough time to it can get their heads around. The depth is staggering and adding 100 new monsters every...

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I think it was always pretty clear that this whole DRM issue with Xbox One was a "well, we can't take down the used game market, so we may as well stomp in and monopolise it", situation from 3rd parties and Microsoft.

As is evident here, key retailers like GAME/Gamestop, will get exclusive rights to the used game sales of Xbox One games, making those big chains the only places where used game business can be done. This'll result in a monopolisation of the ma...

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I've owned Figma Link since December last year. Released in Japan back in November. Very good quality and probably the best Figma series model I own.

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Edit: Yes I am Pandacorn. I am indeed.

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Imminent bomba ahead. Hope it does well though, regardless.

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Naughty Gods

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I don't think this is real. I've seen the actual ad. It was in yesterday mornings Metro Newspaper (free UK newspaper), and it didn't say this lol Pretty sure this is a photoshop from NeoGAF.

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AndandTech and Digital Foundry says you're lying. In fact, the goddamn specs say you're lying. Please...stahp!

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RE:R >>>>>> RE5//RE6

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Took way too long to come out. They didn't even translate it into other European languages from what I hear. So they sat on the already localised English language version for 9 months smh

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Already played the superior 3DS version a year or so ago. Come at me.

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