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Lets not forget that while this is true, as of this earnings report, the 3DS has sold a total of 17 million units worldwide, and has sold a total of 40 Million + units of software since it came out just over a year ago, thats nothing to scoff at if you ask me.

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Troll review?

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Then allow Fifa 13 to destroy any hope you had of re-establishing PES as the go to football franchise on a new platform.

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Words cannot describe how good this game is. I've put in a good number of hours already and I'm still in Flotsam. Love the characters, art direction etc And being English, I'm finding some of the use of regional accents etc hilarious. Can't wait to get further in the story.

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May is all about Mario Tennis Open and Dragons Dogma for me. I heard New Little Kings Story for Vita comes out as well so I'll get that if it does. Max Payne and Ghost Recon will have to wait though unfortunately.

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Troll harder

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Game prices haven't changed in over a decade. Yet development costs have risen by tens of millions. This article is pointless.

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Oh please, you're not Dark Sniper, and never will be.

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It was never meant to come out on the May 29th in Europe. The dates always been June 13th. The Demo releases in Europe on May 30th though.

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On the whole One Piece is more popular in Europe. Hence why One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP on 3DS was brought here and not the US. But, you can always import no? O.o

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After Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D Land, I've got all the proof I need to know that Nintendo can keep Mario feeling fresh and fun. The level design is always fantastic. Can't wait to see this in all its HD glory.

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As if the rampant DRM and Online Pass trend thats creeping onto console over the past year or so hasn't been evidence enough. But what can you do eh? I don't pirate games or buy games pre-owned and if I do buy pre-owned games, they're single player so not that much of a problem for me.

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Lol why? It's perfectly believable. If you knew anything of Valve and their position within the Mac business model, I'm not actually surprised that Tim Cook's gone to visit their HQ. It was most like a meeting to discuss how Valve can move within the Apple eco system.

iOS and the App store have begun to marginalize Valves presence within the Mac user base. The same will happen with Windows 8 as well if Valve doesn't come to adapt to the proverbial shift

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They both look atrocious. How about them apples?

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If it's Miyamoto related, it's Pikmin 3

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Good luck investing a AAA budget into an iPad game and getting a return on your investment. I can assure you now, that won't happen. I wish developers would stop getting behind this iPad App craze as if its good for game development. It will only hold games back further. Ridiculous.

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The game continues to look better, despite what the 'purist hipsters' say in their smear campaign. While its a bit disheartening that the original Dante character design has been put on the back burner, the graphics look fantastic, the art direction is lovely and while not 60fps, the combat is increasingly looking like the kind of combat I come to expect from a Devil May Cry game.

End of the day, gameplay wise, the game never looked terrible. I think that the whining ...

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Revelations was fantastic. Just saying.

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Bitmob on an anti-Nintendo spree today? First, the Wii U will fail, now this? If you look at Japan, the recent release of Pokemon + Nobunaga actually increased 3DS sales. You're forgetting Nintendo has a lot of 3DS exclusive software being released around Pokemon White/Black 2's release. There will be an increase in 3DS sales. Believe.

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