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I wonder how many people commenting here actually own a Wii U. I'd probably be right in guessing that as I Wii U owner I'm probably in the minority in this thread.

It's not the worst console ever. On the contrary it's good, no doubt. However things like the OS, cheap ass battery in the gamepad and the lack of HDD spoil it for me to a degree. I think that next generation, if Nintendo don't collude with their hardware, they're screwed because the more t...

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HD Collection, Rising and Ground Zeroes aren't....so why would this be?

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Nope. It's for Metal Gear Solid V. http://i.imgur.com/h9SP7.jp... Hence the "two phantoms" line in that promo art from August. Two games. You can see METAL GEAR SOLID V in the negative space in and around the letters of The Phantom Pain at the end of the trailer.

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It's Metal Gear Solid 5. If you look at the "The Phantom Pain Logo". There's small negative spaces in and around some of the letters. If you fill those spaces in...look what you get http://i.imgur.com/h9SP7.jp...

That's not even me reaching either because the E and A in Gear are clearly visible even without the text overlay in the picture I linked. I think this could be another title Kojima is w...

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I think it is MGS Ground Zeroes you know. Remember that promotional image from around the time the game was announced? It was mirrored and it said "Out of Fox two PHANTOMS were born".

I'm 90% sure this was viral marketing for Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes. It looked too much like a Fox Engine game and the protag looked far too much like Big Boss. Also note the PMC's.

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I was kind of miffed about the fact that, it's the exact same demo I played at Tokyo Game Show two years ago now, except you can't explore the village once you open the gate. I think allowing gamers to explore a little bit of the village and see how lively it is with all of the NPC's etc would have done the demo wonders.

Can't wait for the game regardless.

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Not sure why this game was even made. Between the release of Halo 4 and Black Ops 2, the game was just irrelevant to the market. Had no real identity of it's own and just screamed "Mandatory holiday season FPS release".

EA should have saved the money for the impending Battlefield 4 hype train next year.

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No surprise. If you wanted to get the game so badly you would have bought a PS3 by now anyway. Really wouldn't make sense to spend the money porting it to the 360 only to satiate for the small diaspora of 360 fans who probably wanted the game but refused to buy a PS3 out of sheer disdain for the platform and Sony.

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Good. Open world games on a yearly release schedule just isn't a business model I would recommend following. Just look at how it's messed with the Assassin's Creed series. If Ubisoft hadn't insisted on a holiday 2012 release for AC3 and waited until 2013 then the game probably wouldn't have felt so rushed and buggy.

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I think it's safe to assume they are playable. The screens in the scan look like versus matches to me so I think they will be playable :)

Edit: Hadn't realised you could enlarge the scan. My bad, they're shots from single player. That said, if the character model and move set is there, there's no reason for CC2 to exclude them, or the seven swordsmen of the mist while we're on the subject

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No difference at all. In fact I'd argue it looks worse on Wii U due to the washed out colours and (seemingly) increased number of jaggies

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So close yet so far. Can someone confirm, because I literally can't find confirmation of this anywhere, but I know we'll have the hack n' slash segments and UNS2 style boss battles in the story mode of this, but to bridge these together, will we have an RPG mode in the same vein as UNS2? I know it's out of the question to expect something akin to the first UNS games RPG mode but still, Generations lack of such a thing left me wanting one even more.

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Oh please. RAM thats 43% slower than current generation consoles is not acceptable in 2012. This is going to act as a huge bottleneck against the gpu. A terrible memory bandwidth is only going to choke a GPU no matter how good/efficient it is. It's going to end up being a case of developers needing to dedicate even more time to learning a new architecture to port to with their games and, if the Wii U doesn't establish a market big enough to justify that it just won't get the big A...

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No Witcher 2 on there is disturbing. And no Pokemon Black/White 2 for best portable game? I mean Gravity Rush and New Super Mario Bros.2 were excellent and deserve to be on there but the other 2 mobile games? Oh please. Terrible list. Not even taking into account impending releases of FarCry 3 and Hitman Absolution.

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Er, no Neonridr, you can go out and get a 1TB Laptop harddrive for £60, take out the PS3's on board HDD with a surprising amount of ease and replace it with the the 1TB Laptop hard drive you just bought.

It's a very pro-consumer hardware design decision that I pray to god stays when PS4 launches.

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WHen you consider BF3 did over 8 Million out of the gate, that's a pretty poor number.

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But Black and White 2 are amazing games. I'd go so far as to say that they're the ultimate refinement of what Pokemon can be up to this point. It's got the content, the story, the characters, the features and the hidden competitive depth is the best it's been in the franchise, so stop crying. I doubt you've even played the game.

It's opinion kB0, seriously. You definitely don't play fighting games if you think it's ok to have a fighting game th...

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Welcome to 2005. Seriously, the lack of information we have about exactly how the Wii U's online infrastructure will work so close to launch is worrying. Nintendo aren't serious really. If they really plan on re-capturing the core audience they lost to PlayStation and Xbox then Online should have been top of the agenda at E3.

It takes years to build up a competent Online service. Remember PSN in 2006 compared to what it is now? Remember XBL in the original Xbox days? ...

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Halo 4, New Super Mario Bros U and Assassin's Creed III will do me just fine. There's a few more games I want to pick up like PS All Stars Battle Royale, AC Liberation and FarCry 3 but I've got a pretty criminally large backlog to get through, and being addicted to Pokemon Black 2 isn't helping me get through it any time soon lol

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