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At the investors call, Iwata said that he was planning to push for a situation where Nintendo aids Japanese publishers more directly in bringing their titles overseas. Which is good, especially considering the 3DS isn't region free.

Tomorrow, I expect to see a couple of titles that show that this initiative has come to fruition. I'm hoping Bravely Default and Fantasy Life are in the pipeline. Even one of them would be amazing. I fail to understand Square Enix's re...

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Yeah, this article is going to rustle a few jimmies tonight. Good grief.

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It's not a rumor. The cover has leaked all over the net and people already have E-Copies.

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Hold me. In the thread on NeoGAF, someone managed to get a few details from a small preview of the digital version of the mag:

World supposedly 20% bigger than Skyrim's
30-40 minutes to cross world on Horseback
New streaming technology (CDRED Engine 3)
Geralt's Memory is restored
No chapters/acts
Dude is fucking DONE fighting for everyone else
Everything from solving MYSTERIES to slaying monsters
Coming out on ...

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The same way, back in the PS2-Xbox-Gamecube era, you claimed gamers didn't want Online Gaming/Network heavy systems, only to get humiliated by PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 when the industry in fact moved towards that this generation, and you're now fumbling about to play catch up with your supposedly next generation console.

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The fact that Ni no Kuni, a shout out to the 16-Bit RPG's of yore is getting raving reviews and is topping the charts of several of online retailers, including over 4 of Amazon's sites is telling.

People bought your games in droves before Japan. That's what they want. Sure, you could do with a lesson in how to make a top notch online experience as well as some lessons as to what Anti Aliasing is, but you still make phenomenal games, despite what the haters say. Ne...

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I honestly don't see the need. Battlefield 3's was pretty but that's about it. Just focus on making a phenomenal multiplayer. I've put nearly 500 hours into Battlefield 3's multiplayer and I'd happily be content if BF4 was multiplayer only.

However, the issue is that in today's AAA climate, you have to kind of check the boxes so to speak. Game must have a set piece driven single player, multiplayer component, XP system etc. Just look at Tomb Raider...

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I'd say it's going to have a phenomenal year. I'm pumped. In Europe at least, we have this killer line up:

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
Code of Princess
Devil Survivor Overclocked
Naruto Powerful Shippuden
Fire Emblem Awakening
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Pokemon X/Y
Animal Crossing New Leaf

And that's just what's been announced so far. Definitely a far cry from the wasteland that was ...

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I don't understand what's going on. I've not had a single problem getting onto PSN today. Played Battlefield 3 for a couple of hours and it didn't sign off at all. I'm in Europe by the way, specifically the UK. A couple of my friends here have had problems though.

I'm genuinely confused.

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At this point in the generation I think it's rather irrelevant. Microsoft has done what they wanted to do this generation, and that's build up Marketshare in the domain Sony used to reign omnipotently. They have, which is evident in the fact this article is even being written in the first place.

The difference now is probably less than 2 million and with all eyes turned to see what 720/PS4 will deliver, I don't think it matters anymore. Both were good systems, wit...

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I remember the same rumour was going around when PS3 was announced. About how Sony were implementing a system whereby you could would buy a game, and the blu-ray disc would be locked to that one PS3 system, meaning no rentals, no pre-owned games and no taking your game to a friends house...and look at how that turned out?

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PSN isn't the problem. It's the PS3's OS that's the problem. There's nothing that separates XBL and PSN except for the fact the 360's OS is designed far better than the PS3. And when you include OS level features like party chat/cross game chat, the Xbox brings the seemingly better package.

But even with that, I think this myth that PSN is some kind of ghetto when it comes to content and online play is asinine to put it lightly. It's perfectly func...

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The pacing was just awful. That's my biggest complaint about the game. To me, it just felt like a chore to play through the story. The side content was excellent, but by the time I had chugged through the terrible story, I was burnt out, and didn't really feel like going back to it.

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I think this year has been great for 3DS. Great for handheld gaming in general even. Between my Vita and 3DS, I've had farrrrr more fun with portable gaming than console gaming this year.

The trend won't continue in 2013 though as consoles are really stepping up in terms of releases, even within the first 4 months of the year. However, 3DS has Fire Emblem Awakening, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Animal Crossing and Naruto Powerful Shippuden coming fairly early in the...

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How did I know this would be from Kotaku. They take anything small and irrelevant about Sony and blow it up into a full blown negative article. Are they that butthurt about Sony blacklisting them back in the day? Christ.

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For me I'd say

Pikmin 3
Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes
Ni no Kuni
Tales of Xillia
God of War Ascension
The Last of Us
Dark Souls II
Rayman Legends
Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate
Fire Emblem Awakening

And that being said, since this is a top 10 list, I'm missing other games I want like Bayonetta 2, Sly 4, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon and Soul Sacrifice. Next year is looking to be the...

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I've always seen Link as an idea rather than a character. The fact he doesn't speak, the fact that they all look the same, regardless of the art style change from game to game. I see Link in the same light I see the main character in Dragon Quest games who is only ever identified as "Hero".

The difference is that because Link has a name and a common look across all of the Zelda games, as gamers we've created a much greater attachment to him than we have ...

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Stay strong comrades. In the hope that these worrying details are a mere insignificance so that we can take up arms in jolly co-operation when Dark Souls II is released upon the market.

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Like the first commentar said. This just isn't feasible and Nintendo has indeed made their bed. They must now lay in it and suffer the consequences of releasing a system that, given it's specs relative to the technological transition going on in the industry that will ignite fully with the release of PS4 and Xbox 3, just isn't relevant to the majority of developers.

I'd go so far as to say that the Wii U's USP isn't really relevant to the market at wid...

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I hope this doesn't remain PS+ exclusive. The Wii U can do it out of the box so I'm hoping Sony make it an OS level feature with PS4.

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