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This whole stupid story has so many layers to it. I thought it'd peak at EA's self ownage, but I underestimated games media. Nothing exemplifies their professional standards better than this:

"The developers behind Sea of Thieves shared this tweet. While I don’t understand the comment directly, it’s clearly a dig at EA."

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I would disagree that "all" comprehended what he said.

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He's stating the obvious to a group of staff who knows it is the reality of where the industry was at.

In 2022, Kotaku wrote a story about Bethesda. That story talked about crunch in 2018 and prior.

Also in 2022, an exec at MS addressed the click bait article with staff and explained that crunch was common across the board in the past.

Then, he specifically confirms that they've followed up with the studio to confirm the old wa...

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Largest corporations in gaming:

Apple, MS, Google, Amazon.

Read what he said. Largest corporations "which is in gaming." Not largest market share, revenue, etc.

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MS is larger than all 3.

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Put the pitchforks away for at least a day.

Accurately acknowledging that crunch is an issue across the industry isn't the same as saying it's "okay."

There's better stories to console war over than this.

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Honorable mention.

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"Super Resolution 2" is right up there with "blast processing" in the naming department.

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Yeah, people aren't the brightest at times. Generally, I'm still of the mindset that "some" day 1s is better than "none."

I've got too many alternatives available, which makes the prospect of paying $70 for most titles rather unappealing.

Big 1st party titles steal the headlines, but if Sony gave me day one titles like Warhammer TW3, TMNT, The Show, I'd be a lot more enthusiastic about their model.


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You like the model because you prefer playstation. Nothing wrong with that.

I'm going to stay subbed to +Premium for now to catch up on some things I missed, but I'm not sure it'll hold my interest if we're not getting new titles added. Same problem I had with psNow.

Between PC and XSX, I'm not going to complain about the games they've added in the last year w/GPU. I saved too much $ for that.

Day one 1st party ...

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Easy enough to tell the trolls from others. Not like they're smart enough to hide their daily cries for attention.

People still swear that any criticism of TLOU2 is either trolls or far-right extremists. Naughty Dog is my favorite dev team, but even though I wasn't thrilled about the story choices, I was never inclined to wade into critiquing it pre-release.

Bethesda is less controversial, but you understand the irony, right?

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So, to be clear, you're advocating for those who scrutinize the performance in a 10(?) minute demo? Come on now...

I do appreciate the "Microsoft money" angle, though.

We both know that here's how this will play out: If Starfield is well-received, we will mostly hear about how little MS had to do with the development.

If it is buggy or unappealing, then it is back to being on Microsoft.

Sorry, but ...

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I came to really enjoy DS, but I get the split opinions about it.

I just appreciate that there are creative dudes like HK out there. He's one of a few people that can just go out and do whatever he wants in the AAA space.

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Lol. Are you trying to gaslight me here about console warriors?

I'm sure you can find some legitimate discussion and criticisms. Most of mine occur on discord.

Generally, calling any of the critiques to be about "blatant flaws" is asinine and hyperbolic, especially when based on a single damn trailer...

But let's cut the bullshit. Go find the critics, and look at their profiles. I know what you're going to find, an...

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If I want Starfield to do well, I'm going to sit here and wait for it.

Shit posting about it on N4G isn't going to improve its frame rates.

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Same. I assumed we would get Part 1 + Part 2 bundled together, at the very least.

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Click your profile. Search is at the top.

It's not the best though.

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Calls out fanboys...regurgitates fanboy drivel in response.

Users who post nothing but negative xbox shit posts every day aren't who I'd look to for constructive criticism. Yet, they seem to be leading the charge on forums and Twitter.

Not all criticism is genuine. Not all push back is "shielding."

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It shouldn't be an insult, yet let's not pretend that it's not being used as one.

If you go past the demo and the console warrior circle jerks, you can have a healthy discussion about how it's similar or how it's not.

But that's not what we get.

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Great point!!! Why have an educated opinion...

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