VCT Team Capsules Coming to Valorant in 2024

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Valorant, the popular first-person shooter by Riot Games, is set to introduce a thrilling addition for fans in 2024: VCT Team Capsules. These long-awaited cosmetics are a response to fans’ desire to show support for their favorite professional teams through in-game skins. According to the renowned data-mining account ValorLeaks, these capsules will offer a range of team-themed content, including Classic skins, player cards, and other unique items. However, their final design and price are still under wraps.

A New Way to Support Your Favorite Teams in Valorant

Considering the game’s ever-growing competitive scene, introducing VCT Team Capsules is one of the most anticipated updates in Valorant. With numerous popular teams vying for glory, these capsules will allow fans to celebrate and support their favorites in a new, immersive way.

VCT Team Capsules Coming to Valorant
via Twitter – ValoLeaks

Riot Games has a history of celebrating competitive achievements in its games, as seen in League of Legends. The MOBA title features skin lines dedicated to the winning teams of the World Championship. Since 2011, 12 different team-based skin sets have been released, including the recent addition for T1’s victory. These sets honor the champions and add unique aesthetics and charm to the game.

Potential Impact on Valorant

If Valorant introduces team-based capsules, fans will have the opportunity to acquire skins commemorating winners of major events like VCT Masters and Champions. This move would celebrate the teams’ success and contribute financially to their operations. The 2022 VCT Champions skin pack set a precedent by distributing half of its $42 million revenue to participating teams, providing a model for future revenue sharing in Valorant.

The potential introduction of VCT Team Capsules in Valorant in 2024 marks a significant step in bridging the gap between fans and professional esports teams. It reflects Riot Games’ commitment to enhancing the fan experience and supporting the competitive ecosystem. As the Valorant community eagerly awaits these capsules, they symbolize a new era of fan engagement and support in the world of professional Valorant.

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