Valorant Rank Distribution in 2024 – The Silver Struggle

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The Ranking system is an essential part of the Valorant experience, and ranking up plays a big part here. Nevertheless, you might have noticed that the majority of players seem to be stuck in the Silver ranking. This is not a new phenomenon, this is something that has been with Valorant for a long time. However, we might see a change to that soon.

Valorant’s rank distribution shows a unique thing. While professionals and beginners occupy a very small percentage of the player base, the Silver rank has been a home for a majority of players for a long time.

Insight from Valorant’s Rank Dynamics

According to the latest data, from, the rank distribution in Valorant reveals a well-known picture. Although the Silver rank still reigns supreme as the most populated rank in the game, Gold rank is second best. The difference between the number of Silver and Gold players is getting smaller and soon we might see a change. 

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Sadly, after the Gold rank, the number of players in higher ranks is dropping rapidly, with only less than 0.5% of players calling Radiant home. On the other hand, most Valorant enthusiasts seem to have skills greater than the basic entry levels for the game. That means that the lower ranks are as populated as the highest. 

Climbing through Valorant Ranks

Because the Silver rank is the most populated with players, all using various strategies and playstyles, it can feel impossible to climb up. For these reasons, Silver has a charming nickname in the community the “ELO Hell”. As a result, if you want to escape this hell and ascend to Gold, you will need to be as adaptable as you are skilled. 

As things currently stand, if you manage to claw your way out of Silver and into the Gold rank, you might have just exchanged one hell for another. In any case, Valorant rank distribution is a fascinating and constantly changing fact of life for the players. Unquestionably, climbing to the top echelon of players will take you a great amount of skill and an even greater amount of persistence and adaptability.      

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