Are Valorant Servers Down For Maintenance? Valorant Server Status

Valorant server status

Are you looking for a way to find out if Valorant servers are down? Sometimes game servers will go down and in these situations, you need to know how to check their status. Stick with us and we will explain how to check the server status for Valorant.

In an exclusively multiplayer game like Valorant, servers’ status and health are equally important to the player’s aim. Firstly, if the servers are down you won’t be able to access the game, or enter a matchmaking. Moreover, servers will go down, from time to time due to regular maintenance, which can interfere with your gaming.

It can be quite enraging to be kicked in the middle of a match just because the server went down. So staying informed about the scheduled maintenance and server status will save you precious time and frustration. In this guide, we will explain how to check the server status for Valorant.  

Are Valorant Servers Down Right Now?

No, currently Valorant servers are not down and everything is running smoothly. 

Is Valorant Currently Down For Maintenance?

At this time, no, Valorant is not down for maintenance. Usually, the game will go down for maintenance before the implantation of a big patch in the game. There is no official information at this time on when will be the next server maintenance.

How to Check Valorant Server Status?

Playing Valorant with your friends can easily be interrupted or presented by server issues. These issues can be caused by scheduled maintenance or server crashing due to some problem. Whatever the case, knowing how to check the server status is crucial in these moments.  

If you are encountering problems while trying to log into Valorant or while in matchmaking, checking server status is the first thing you should do. This can be done by using the official Riot Games Valorant Twitter/X account. Checking the official media account for the game is the best source of information for maintenance and server status. 

Alternatively, you can check the unofficial Valorant Server status account on Twitter/X, or use one of the third-party websites that track the server status of popular online games. Sites like DownDetector will give you information about the game server status during the last 24 hours.   

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