How to Add Bots to Valorant Custom Game

Valorant Bot

Valorant offers players many ways to engage with the game. One exciting aspect is the ability to add bots to custom games, albeit through a somewhat intricate process.

While Riot Games hasn’t provided a straightforward method for inserting bots into various game modes, players have devised their own techniques. This article walks you through the steps to add bots to a custom game in Valorant, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Steps to Add Bots in Valorant Custom Games

Adding bots to a custom game in Valorant involves several steps:

  • Open the Valorant Client: Start by launching the Valorant game client.
  • Access Custom Game Mode: Click the ‘Play’ button, navigate to the farthest right, and select ‘Custom Game’ mode.
  • Configure Game Settings: Ensure the game mode is set to ‘Standard’. Click the ‘Options’ button below the mode option and enable the “Allow Cheats” option.
  • Map and Server Selection: Choose your preferred map and game server, then initiate the game by clicking on ‘Start.’
  • Selecting Sage as Your Agent: This is crucial. Once in-game, choose Sage as your agent.
  • Enable Cheats and Set Key Binds: Go to ‘Settings,’ select the ‘Cheats’ tab, and set a key bind for ‘Ghost Mode’ (e.g., the ‘=’ key). Turn on ‘Pause Match Timer,’ ‘Infinite Abilities,’ and ‘Auto-Respawn.’
  • Activate Ghost Mode: During the game, activate Ghost Mode by pressing the key bind you set, flying high, and then deactivating it to fall and die.
  • Resurrect with Sage’s Ultimate: Use Sage’s ultimate ability to resurrect the dead body, creating your first bot.
Valorant Agents Sova and Sage
Image via Riot Games

Are There AI Bots by Default in Valorant

Currently, Valorant does not support AI bots in its standard or custom game modes. The only interaction with bots is in the Practice Range, which offers basic movement and shooting training. The complexity of implementing AI bots that can effectively use Valorant Agents’ abilities is substantial. It requires advanced programming and AI development, which, despite Riot Games’ capabilities, remains a challenging and resource-intensive endeavor.

While adding bots to custom games in Valorant might not be straightforward, following these steps allows players to experiment with bots in a custom environment. As for playing against AI bots, Valorant players will have to wait and see if Riot Games ventures into developing this aspect of the game in the future. For now, players can enjoy the unique experience of creating and playing with bots in custom games, adding a new dimension to their Valorant gameplay.

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