How to Do the Prop Shot Daily Contract

Screenshot of arena carriable during a match in The Finals

Like many modern online games, The Finals has daily and weak challenges that you can finish to get experience points. Getting XP will help you progress on the Career track faster, and reach career rewards faster. Additionally, these challenges are a great way to accumulate XP for the Battle Pass as well. Nevertheless, some contracts are straightforward, for example, you will need to do a certain amount of damage during a match etc. On the other hand, some contracts can be tricky to pull off. Even so, if you are looking for how to do the Prop Shot daily contract in The Finals we can help. “While it may not be one of the more challenging contracts, some players have difficulty finishing this contract.  Read on and we will explain how you can do Prop Shot daily contract in The Finals.

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Prop Shot Daily Contract in The Finals, Explained

Firstly, to successfully achieve Prop Shot you will have to damage one opponent with an arena carriable. Keep in mind that it is not important which arena variable you are using, only that you do damage with it. Additionally, Gas, Fire and Smoke barrels seem not to work for this contract, and you might run into some issues using Explosive canisters. This means that your best bet is to use simple things like flower pots, trash cans, chairs etc.

It should be noted that in the past players had run into problems with this contract. Mainly, the game seems not to register some hits. Moreover, if you are too close to your target sometimes the carriable will simply bounce off of them. Even so, after a few tries you should be able to do this contract without much trouble.   

This was how to do the Prop Shot daily contract in The Finals. If you want to read more on the game, check out other articles from our team on What is Focal Length Sensitivity Scaling in The Finals, The Finals Best ways to use Model 1887, and Is there SBMM in The Finals.


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