How to Fix No Network Connection Error in Payday 3

Payday 3 How to Fix No Network Connection Error

Need to know how to fix the No Network Connection Error in Payday 3? We have a solution. Read on for details about potential fixes for this frustrating bug.

Since the start of its open beta, Payday 3 has been the host of a handful of technical difficulties. The hotly anticipated title released in full on September 21, and players continue to report several issues. While some bugs are to be expected with a game of such magnitude, this doesn’t remove from the frustrations of players attempting to matchmake. One of the most common problems at the time of writing relates to a login error that reads No Network Connection. Here’s what to do if you’re faced with this message in Payday 3.

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Payday 3 No Network Connection Error Solutions

Avid gamers aren’t strangers to network connection errors, especially in games as popular as Deep Silver and Starbreeze Studios’ Payday 3. That said, one of the first measures you should take in the event that you receive this frustrating error message is to restart your system. This will allow your PlayStation, Xbox, or PC to take a breather and reconnect to your WiFi. Oftentimes, solving the issue at hand is as simple as that.

If this fails, you should opt to restart your router. For an endless list of reasons, internet connections have a propensity to go in and out, messing with your connection to game servers. By restarting your router, you might be able to solve the issue. In all, this takes just a few short moments.

In the case that the connection error isn’t coming for your end, you should check the game’s server status on Downdetector and keep an eye out for updates from developers. You can do this by visiting Payday 3 Support and troubleshoot issues per the team’s instructions. The official X accounts for Payday 3 and Starbreeze Studios often address common issues that plague the game’s community, as well.

That aside, you can also report a new or unfamiliar bug through the Steam community’s discussion board. There’s a good chance that other players have experienced a similar issue and managed to find a solution.

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