Best ways to get XP and level up quickly in Palworld

Palworld image of a party of character fighting a boss monster

If you are looking for the best ways to get XP and quickly level up in Palworld, we have you covered. The entire progression in the game is based on levelling up. Along with character stats, every new level brings you technology points which can be used for new structures and gear. This means that with every level up, your character will be more powerful and will have more building options. 

Because levelling up is such an integral part of the game, it should be at the top of your priorities. Luckily, there are a few ways that offer players an opportunity to progress faster. Read on, and we will explain how you can get more XP and level up faster in Palworld.

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Best ways to get more XP to level up in Palworld

Every activity in the game will reward you with an amount of XP, be it crafting, building or hunting Pals. Nevertheless, some activities give more XP than others. Below we list the best ways to earn XP and level up quickly in Palworld.

Player and Mossanda Lux in Palworld
Image by N4G Unlocked

Capture 10 of the same Pals 

Capturing Pals is the best way to level up fast. Moreover, the game will reward you with a huge XP boost for the first 10 Pals of the same type. After capturing the tenth Pal, the XP gained for the next captures will return to the regular amount. Remember that the standard Pal Sphere will work fine at lower levels, but you should upgrade to more advanced spheres before trying to capture Pals Level 15 and above. 

Palworld Dungeons

Clearing Dungeons that can be found across Palworld’s open world is another great way to earn quick XP. Along with battle opportunities and loot, there is a Boss fight at the end of every Dungeon. Capturing or defeating the Dungeon Boss will give you a surprisingly good amount of XP. Just make sure you are at an appropriate level before entering a Dungeon. You can check the strength of the enemies waiting inside at the entrance to every Dungeon. 

Defeating Bosses 

Once you reach higher levels you can battle various Tower Bosses. Defeating Tower Bosses for the first time will reward you with a large amount of XP. Keep in mind that these are the hardest enemies in the game and the fights will be challenging. Nevertheless, beating Tower Bosses can get you an instant level up or at least bring you close to it.

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