Is Modern Warfare 3 Beta Free On Xbox

Modern Warfare 3 - is it a reboot?

Modern Warfare 3 Beta is live, and users have already had a chance to try it out. Now is the time for PC and Xbox users, so let’s see if Modern Warfare 3 Beta is free on Xbox. 

MW3 is the latest installment of a hugely popular shooter, continuing the story right where Modern Warfare 2 ended. It also brings with it a ton of new content, new and reworked features, game modes, maps, and everything. Truly every fan’s dream come true. If you are an Xbox user, read on and see if you can try it out without pre-ordering. Is Modern Warfare 3 Beta free on Xbox?

Is MW3 Beta Free On Xbox?

Yes, though it has some conditions. Modern Warfare 3 Early Access began on October 6 for PlayStation users who pre-ordered the game. From October 12 to October 13 is the Early Access for Xbox and PC users, and from October 14 to October 16 is Open Beta. So if you pre-ordered the game, no doubt you’re playing it right now. But if not, you can play in the open beta from October 14, which is free for everyone. Just head on over to the Xbox website to get it.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III – Xbox
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III – Cross-Gen Bundle
  • Pre-Order and Receive Early access to the Open Beta*
  • Some features may require an online subscription

What Does Modern Warfare 3 Beta Include?

Official sources state that “Modern Warfare 3 Beta will feature a variety of maps – both a selection of Core maps from the modernized 16 originals in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, as well as new experiences in Ground War – modes, and a litany of new loadout options to choose from. “ Additionally, you can earn rewards during the beta by reaching Player Level milestones. Those include:

Modern Warfare 3 image of rewards during beta
Image via Activision
  • Level 2: Animated Emblem
  • Level 7: Weapon Charm
  • Level 9: Animated Calling Card
  • Level 11: Sticker
  • Level 15: Vinyl
  • Level 20: Weapon Blueprint
  • Level 24: Sticker
  • Level 30: Operator Skin

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