Helldivers 2 Players Get a Patch Update and a Release Date

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If you are a part of the Helldivers 2 community, you probably know that after several delays, a new patch is coming this week. Fans are getting antsy about learning more about it, but the developers have shared only enough to tickle even the toughest Helldiver. On June 10, Helldivers 2 players finally received an update on the patch and release date.

The Patch Release Date is Sooner Than You May Think

The official Helldivers 2 account on X shared several big announcements. Firstly, we now know the release date for the upcoming patch. It will be released on Thursday, June 13. As a reminder, the new Warbond, Viper Commandos, shares the same release date. We expect many Helldivers to get a day off work on Friday.

Secondly, the developers disclosed the change in the approach to patches, as well as future Warbonds. You might remember that they have already announced that in the future, there will be fewer more thought-out Warbonds. These delays would guarantee quality over quantity. The developers have decided to use the same approach for future patches.

The statement on X reads: “Similar to our future approach to Warbonds, this is so we can dedicate more time to each patch to reduce the pressure on our teams, dig into your feedback more, and deliver higher quality patches”. In another post, they added: “We’re very aware that going from quick, small patches to slower, bigger patches means your expectations are higher. While we think the next patch is strong, with lots of bug fixes & requested features, we’re definitely not resting on our laurels or being complacent”.

Finally, they expressed their gratitude for the dedicated players and pledged to “evolve the game WITH our players and community”. Seeing a big company listen to their fanbase is always wonderful. That applies only if it turns out that they actually did consider fans’ suggestions.

Helldivers 2 patch announcement on X
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via X

Helldivers 2 Players Have Strong Opinions on the Patch Update

As expected, although they are grateful, most Helldivers 2 players expressed some very valid concerns over the upcoming patch. Xasther noted: “I won’t lie, this might be the make-or-break patch for me. I was really into the game for a while (level 110-120 currently) until every last weapon I enjoyed playing got axed (the last one to go being the Eruptor)”. Many others agreed, especially the more experienced players.

Another player, limeshark, confirmed: “I feel the same way. If it’s another patch of nerfs & disappointment I will likely not be playing the game anymore. I’m hopeful it will be at least moving in the right direction tho”. TheSovietSailor added: “Devs were handed an unprecedented amount of goodwill on a silver platter but have somehow burnt through it all since they’re seemingly incapable of making good decisions”.

Some fans hope all the announcements, sneak peeks, and teasing will lead to a good patch. E17Omm explained: “I was pretty neutral on the patch, but after they were confident enough to share how big the patch was, I also can’t help but be excited about it”.

We are cautiously optimistic and hoping for the best. After Pilestedt took over as a CCO, it seems that Arrowhead is more player-oriented. As controversial as it might sound, we also love that the patch will be released alongside the new Warbond, and maybe even a new biome. It would be a perfect combo. We’ll have to wait a couple more days, but we sincerely hope it will be worth the wait.


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