Player Numbers Skyrocket Following the Latest Helldivers 2 Patch

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After several delays, the new patch finally dropped on June 13. Players worldwide were left speechless by all the phenomenal changes. As it usually happens, once people hear about something being good, they want to try it out for themselves. Thus, the new Helldivers 2 patch has achieved the impossible and triggered a massive growth in the number of players. It attracted a lot of veteran players, as well as the players who quit due to dissatisfaction.

Helldivers Return to Test the New Patch

Reportedly, the number of active players has gone over a hundred thousand for the first time since April. Due to controversies regarding the weapon nerfs and an unsatisfying Warbond, the number of active players has been decreasing through May. Now, thanks to the great patch, the numbers have gone through the roof.

Nitramite testified: “I stopped playing maybe a month ago, I had some 260+ hours in. This patch makes me really happy, I love the adjustments and might well pop into the game again to see the improvements. They’re heading in a good direction and took the time to turn around and respond to feedback, hope it continues”. Only-Fun9449 added: “I went into the cryo pod during the weapon nerfs but daddy came back when my eruptor felt good again! Baby, I’m back!!! For Democracy”.

Several players admitted to being wrong when they had predicted the patch would be terrible. God_Damnit_Nappa declared: “I’ll happily admit I was wrong. I thought they’d still find a way to f**k up with this patch but nearly everything is a massive win. I wish they’d fix the social stuff but I’m guessing that’s a much bigger problem and I’d be willing to bet it was tied to PSN integration. So now that that’s scrapped they have to find a new solution”.

Most players raved about the success of Arrowhead and praised the developers, some used the opportunity to remind the other of the PSN problem. Show_Overall said: “AH has proven to be an awesome studio. You know damn well they weren’t happy with Sony’s PSN decision and fought back. The constant updates.. now all I need is a little Illuminate in my life and I’m set”.

Helldivers 2 LAS-98 Laser Cannon shooting at automatons

Players Wonder if the Increase in the Number of Helldivers is Only Temporary

Of course, some fans talked about their concerns over the longevity of this surge of returning players. Pr0pper said: “Don’t wanna spoil the party, but it will most likely drop very fast again. People try it, realize it’s basically still the same game, and leave again. If you were out of the party yesterday, you’d be out again in a week”. MetalGear_Salads added: “People will leave once they finish the Warbond. It’s how every live service game works”.

Others weren’t particularly thrilled about how they were treated. Hobo-man noted: “They f**ked the game week after week for months, then spent an entire month releasing exactly 1 patch that actually had players’ wishes in mind. A step in the right direction, but idk if we should be praising them. We wouldn’t be here without weeks straight of god-awful patches”. Another player, nomnivore1, partially agreed. They said: “Still more work to be done imo, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’m relieved to see the direction they’re taking things”.

The developers still have a lot of details to tweak. In our opinion, the first step in the right direction matters the most. The players should let the devs know that they are happy with the updates. Giving feedback is what made this current patch great. While the number of Helldivers 2 players may oscillate from patch to patch, as long as they do come back, the developers will have the motivation to work as hard as possible for their fan base.


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