Helldivers 2 CCO Reveals Original Helmets Were Very Different

Helldivers 2 image of a player shooting a Grenade Launcher

It’s human nature to take things for granted. We get used to something being just as it is and never even think of what it could have been. Then, we find out something that completely throws us off and we can never look at it in the same way. Recently the CCO of Arrowhead let it slip that the original design for helmets in Helldivers 2 was much more elaborate.

The CCO Dishes on the Original Plan for Helmets

During a Q&A, Pilestedt was asked if the developers had any plans on adding traits to Capes and Helmets. The CCO’s answer left many wishing for an alternate reality. He said: “Not to Capes, but I know there’s a convo on Helmets”. Pilestedt added: “Originally, each Helmet was going to have a unique “HUD” – so medics would be able to see health, recon would get enemy outlines, etc. But we unfortunately had to cut it due to… Well, having to ship the game”.

Helldivers 2 CCO Pilestedt discusses helmet traits
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via Discord

Well, everyone and their grandmother had a lot to say on the topic. Its_Helios insisted: “Run those features back. They sound dope and it almost gives a class system of immersion”. According to Finall3ossGaming, that last point might be the reason why the players never got that version of Helmets. They explained: “Could you imagine if they added a Helmet in a premium Warbond that highlights “weak points” on enemies or something like that? Everyone would be up in arms if forced to pay for transformative content like that”.

Others weren’t really worried about that. Most players just wanted to use cool new Helmets. Umikaloo shared: “I could see a grenade arc HUD, a medic’s HUD, maybe one that shows enemy aggro for stealth players, a rangefinder, a Helmet that lets you direct turret Stratagems, and maybe one that highlights land-mines and other traps”. ExploerTM added: “I need those recon helmets for damn foggy planets. That, or limit accuracy and detection of all enemy types like during sandstorms and blizzards”.

Should the Helmets change in the Future?

Although most players were intrigued by the idea, some were indifferent. Temchak said: “To be honest, I think they can just leave it as it is. The game plays ok with helmets being simply a cosmetic option. Better focus on future content expansions and new enemy types”.

Of course, many blamed SONY for rushing the game. Intelligent-Team701 explained: “That pretty much confirms the game was rushed out due to some deadline. That explains so many glitches. I hope they manage to fix them with time”. ZeroPointZero_ confirmed: “This will definitely be added at some later point. I assume they had been contracted to ship the game by a specific date by SONY, so they couldn’t add all that they wanted to”.

We think that diversity is the way to go. Adding as many options as possible allows people to customize and create their unique experience. Also, adding new traits to helmets would probably be a good incentive for veteran players to return to the game. Now that big changes are coming, it would be great to see everyone’s favorite CCO bring back the original design for Helmets to Helldivers 2.


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