How to Refer a Friend in Fortnite? Explained

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Does Fortnite have a Refer a Friend program, and how to do it? Read on and find out.

Millions of players around the world are playing Fortnite at every moment. This online shooter has it all: fun gameplay, cool Outfits, and different game modes. In December 2023, Fortnite introduced three new game modes: LEGO, Festival, and Rocket Racing. And, naturally, everything is better with friends, including Fortnite. Is there an option to refer a friend, will bringing more people to Fortnite give you some extra goodies? Let’s take a look at that. Read on to see how to refer a friend to Fortnite.

How to Refer a Friend?

Referring a friend in Fortnite is quite simple. Just go to their official Referal website and log in using your Epic Games account. There you will see the option to add a friend to your Referal list. You can have up to five friends on your list. Note that to be able to add a friend, they mustn’t have played more than 2 hours of Fortnite’s Battle Royale or Zero Build – Battle Royale modes in the last 30 days. This is official information from the website, so we can’t confirm does that also takes into account the new game modes, such as LEGO Fortnite.

FORTNITE Digital V-Bucks 2800 – PlayStation/Xbox/Nintendo Switch/PC/Mobile [Digital Code]
  • An Epic Games Account is required to redeem a V-Bucks card code
  • If playing on a console platform (PlayStation; Xbox; Nintendo Switch) you need to link your Epic Games account to that gaming platform (one time) to redeem your gift card code
  • The 16 digit code you receive WILL NOT work if redeemed directly through your gaming platform (PlayStation; Xbox; Nintendo Switch, etc.)
  • No returns; no refunds; not responsible if lost, stolen or redeemed on the wrong account

What Are the Rewards for Referring a Friend?

To get the rewards for referring a friend, you have to finish some tasks together in-game. The tasks in question will be displayed on your profile on the website. Your added friend does not need to sign in to the referral website to participate. But if they do, they can track their progress and get the same in-game rewards.

The rewards in question are a set of mushroom-themed cosmetics, with the Redcap Outfit as a final reward. As we understood, there are five tasks to complete, each awarding one cosmetic. The cosmetics, in supposed order, are Spray, Wrap, Back Bling, Pickaxe, and Outfit.

This referral program will run until January 9, 2024. After that, we will probably have a different set of rewards, requiring new friends to complete.

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