Sorry did I upset your fanboy way of thinking?


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Overwatch runs on a potato, it's on pc there are all diff ones out there

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Am getting it on PC, PC uncapped fps

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Someone hates Microsoft......

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Wildlands hahaha good one!

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Istolla, it's good to see someone gets it.

I have a feeling the people typing all this [email protected] are people who have strange personal problems.

I.e I bet they these people hate zelda botw (which is by far the best the game I have played form years)

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Edmix, lacks features you say? You should read up on them your making yourself look a bit of a fool.

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Edmix, don't think you understand the power of devices, to make it easy for you lets looks at PCs you have all different types of power when it comes to them yet play still play them games now matter, same can be done with consoles!

I.e gtx 1080 = 4K/60 max settings overwatch

Gtx 850m = 1080p/60 mid settings overwatch

Same game still runs

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Are you salty because you really want one and are jelly because you can not afford one?

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Someone has not got a switch, I play my switch handheld 90% of the time they are great attached as well.

Much better then the cheap plastic one another console has but people are blind to it.

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Your right that game is not coming to switch, but Zelda,MK8 and mario are not going to the others consoles.

Anyone with half a brain will get multi plat games on the PC anyway, that saying they have a power pc which any gamer will have.

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Same, 4K at ultra settings can not get that on consoles

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Native 4K if so what setting mid?

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The PS4 pro will never have games that look as good as pc

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Am looking forward to 4K aswell ultra settings ofc

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Bad build PC

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This game is a huge flop

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Mean don't hate participate

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Looks like people played it on 360,PS3 and now the Xbox one (if they want)

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