Sorry did I upset your fanboy way of thinking?


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Have a feeling that consoles gens will not last for 5-8 years anymore :(

I think consoles from now on will be 4 years till the next one comes out!

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I love streaming my Xbox to win 10 I ise it everyday amazing feature!

Glad the ps4 can do it now

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Not going to comment on the 9.2/10 below this?

Thought so!

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It's ok some people just like to lie ;)

And your wrong btw not all will be :)

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Dunno someone would sell one in the first place!

Did you really have one?

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3 and 4 I agree with the rest do not need changing!

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Dz rank does not mean better gear lol

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I think it is PS4k and that is for media not gaming!

It will be apps in 4K Netflix Amazon YouTube will all be 4K it will also play 4K blu Rays!

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Not had a problem with the servers!

There are more minor bugs now!

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The vocal people are the whiners tho you do not get many that come to say how good a game is because they are busy enjoying it!

Am here because am at work and wasting time till I can go home and play the division and will not be back on forums till next Tuesday because I will be to busy enjoying the game ;)

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So much wrong!

It's a very popular game it's massive in fact that many people can not be wrong!

I only hear people saying its bad from the people who whine about everythin and punch holes in everything!

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I agree it's part of the game!

There will always be cry babies!

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I love the idea of not knowing what the other person has and is it worth killing him to see lol

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I love the nerds that cry and whine about rogues!

Guess what that's what happens in the DZ I bet the whiners are the people who are no good at online comp games!

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By the sound of it you won't buy any of them!

Play games!

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Here is another person who will not be good at the game, and makes him self feel better by saying its crap and it's the games fault when really it is him!

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He just will not be very good at the game so gives it a bad review!

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I love the gimps who think getting to the highest lvl is the game is finished they should have never bought the game if they think that in the first place!

The game far to advanced for them!

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You gear your char up!

That's the point in games like this!

I bet you got to max lvl in wow and think that's it?

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Mr this game is not for you!

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