Sorry did I upset your fanboy way of thinking?


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Mean don't hate participate

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Looks like people played it on 360,PS3 and now the Xbox one (if they want)

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Hahahaha only on a nerd site would you find someone saying this about 2 very nice looking girls!

Or you are a girl in which case put your claws away. ;)

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You should not be allowed Internet :)

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You said it IF you have a gaming PC!


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I don't care what you only care for am glad others are happy with what they have given all ready.

Never happy

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Someone not played 4K gaming by the sounds of it lol

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How expensive is it????

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Sounds like PC gaming now, it is good!

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Have a feeling that consoles gens will not last for 5-8 years anymore :(

I think consoles from now on will be 4 years till the next one comes out!

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I love streaming my Xbox to win 10 I ise it everyday amazing feature!

Glad the ps4 can do it now

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Not going to comment on the 9.2/10 below this?

Thought so!

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It's ok some people just like to lie ;)

And your wrong btw not all will be :)

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Dunno someone would sell one in the first place!

Did you really have one?

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3 and 4 I agree with the rest do not need changing!

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Dz rank does not mean better gear lol

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I think it is PS4k and that is for media not gaming!

It will be apps in 4K Netflix Amazon YouTube will all be 4K it will also play 4K blu Rays!

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