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Only in care bare land kotaku. lol

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Look at any FPS metacritic score for ps4 then look at its PC counter part. You know why low score on COD Black ops 3 and most COD games on rigs compared to ps4? Cause its a shit port. Looks better tho on rig tho.

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Yes. Looks better. But please explain the plays better part? cause all I see are Beautiful cut scenes in MOBA'S, MMO'S , oh and the "I'm not getting actually payed to play this" Sims.

Where did I said sells? I said they are shit ports cause they are. You ever played a competitive FPS on a rig? (happy go lucky team fortress don't count) How division online work out? GTA? You want games hacked to shit? Aim Bots? Make a fps on a rig. I switched to ...

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Its fun, but don't expect the jrpg crowd to come running to it. Your FPS person, you'll have fun. Blood and gore, plus curses? No it's not DOOM but its a time killing Third person shooter. "You all suck. And that's not a opinion. Hail the king."

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Got better reviews on consoles. Why? Cause like many Game ports to PC, its shit. "Master race" only if you love eve online.

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A sjw article from polygon? And in other news water is wet.

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On metacritic It's two points above Ghost Recon critic score. And that's not saying much.

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Lots of red flags with this game. Don't fan boy around this.

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It more than just facial animation. Try dumb as bricks AI. Don't give ME a pass cause its ME. Studio tho is not even Studio that made the previous ME. I get giving a chance but don't blind yourself to a turd if it ends up being one. Lots of red flags on this game.

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Somehow I see polygon agreeing with kotaku. lol It was no mistake that the women look like hydras, it was done on purpose. Evidence?

You have three ME behind this one. THREE. And you may have some cougars in the previous ones but they are still easy on the eyes then the fall out ghouls that they modeled the females after in this game.

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Yup, you get to see those hydra faces in 4k!

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They didn't want female ryder to be pretty as model that her look is inspired from. Fucking idiots.

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They must have used same SJW advisory panel that worked with dragon age.

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Leave it to the SJW and we would take in all of Syria. Ask Germany how well that intake of refugees is going? We are a world of nations. And every nation has borders.

And those countries were on DHS lists before trump took office. Feeling sad for so and so means nothing. It's not logic.

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Still better choice than Hillary. The tides of SJW tears is so quenching.

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You mean scots? There loss. Chose to stay cause of EU. Well.. how did that go for them? Eyes on France now.

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Games to a gamer is a hobby. Not something you do to kill time. All you play is a few cell phone games? Your a gamer! No. No your not.

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in that context, if they only play farmville on facebook then they are a gamer. Only cell phone games? Your a gamer. No. No your not.

At worse they are the type to use words like "gate keeper" And "problematic" when all that should matter at the time is your HOBBY. And that in itself separates gamers from the casuals.

Games to gamer are their hobbies.

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Ok for those that keep bringing up GTA 5 on PC. GTA ONLINE on the rig is.... wait for it....GARBAGE. Here is a normal session. Go online and... GET BANNED. Why? Cause the first things nerds do when they go online is... hack and grief. And because of that the anti cheat is bleeding strict. Btw that is another normal session where you'll meet at least one cheater.

Tho I do like the anti hack. Zero tolerance baby!

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I came close to deciding on whether to get BF1 on my rig. Then i remember its a FPS on a PC. Graphics ain't enough to cover the fucking headaches with that shit.

There was once a time kids where FPS tho was king on PCs. You see the division on PC? have some one who plays on a rig tell you that rarely happens with a straight face.

You like mods you say? Rock star says f@#! off with that.

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