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It does nothing different. Its just the rated E of FPS games.

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I'm renting this. Not enough for me to buy it. But I can almost imagine how "exciting" the live streams are going to be for this. One of those games streamers talk about everything else but the game they playing. lol

"Well I felt since It was put in the fridge it was fair game for everyone in the office. I mean I won't touch the none perishables. I'm not an ass."

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Battlefield will play like battlefield. Much like count strike will play like counter strike. Making changes just cause makes no sense. Should they add some retarded "supers" or "abilities" that unlock for easy kills?

BF 1 feels like BF1943. And that is not a bad thing. What would be horrible for it was to make it feel like ARMA. Or worse like overwatch.

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Yeah. I have a ASUS Zen AIO pro as my rig. And you know what games you can play on that shit? Almost all mmo nonsense. Or 8bit looking indies.

Other then counter strike and DOOM what the hell you gonna use a powerful rig for? A MOBA?

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No. Same with the Washington redskins. Yeah they still suck, but that is still no reason to change that name. Its the fact that people treat getting offended like it gives em certain rights. "i don't like that joke. it offended me" so what?

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Well.. it's true. I'll never tell cammy to put on some proper pants. Work with what odin gave ya lass!

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I view gamers as those that INVEST into thier hobby. Usually casual cellphone players (better word for them then gamers) Will invest a few $$ into that ONE game, but are not giving back into that hobby.

They are NOT involved. it's the same difference from a guy who watches only the superbowl to someone who HAS a favorite team and watches the games.

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Many of em are not gamers. No, just playing facebook games and cell phone games doesn't make you a gamer. 55yr old betty who likes to play neko atsume for hours on end doesn't make her a gamer if she never touched a console or PC game in 40yrs.

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Frantic battles? like what? Sonic the hedgehog? Galaga? Will peta get dismayed if anyone shoots those alien "dinosaurs"? I expect that rating for Australia not America.

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I see nothing wrong with it.

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Makes me wonder if articles like this are posted to fish out the SJW in the gaming community. lol

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Complains about the "gamer community" on a gaming site. You thought this was the mary sue site? But man all the SJW complaining about those complaining, but at the same time betraying themselves as to what they are. lol

I get at why those would be upset at that PC bases of why it was removed, which would run the same lines as those that would be upset that a comedian was forced to apologize for making one joke that some didn't like.

Unlike ...

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Your in a GAMING site bemoaning gamers about caring about their hobby's more then what you would view as pressing concerns. This isn't polygon. Or Tumblr. Your really surprised?

You don't see peta going onto hunting sites putting in their two cents as to why vegan dishes are better the venison. (they are not)

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I know I've panned this game, and I'm pretty sure I'm asking to get bored with this game quick, but I'll give this game a try. through gamefly, or redbox.

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Calls everyone sensitive but at same time you betray yourself as a care bear. lol

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Wonder if you traded back Mortal Kombat, GTA 5, The Witcher as well?

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So where are the "free the nipple" activists? Your SJW friends betrayed you.

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"Exciting" has never been the vibe I got from this game. Then again I can imagine that those that will probably enjoy it are the same who think Eve online is "exciting" too. Yup as watching paint dry.

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