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I played the game. What makes it different? Don't say "you can jump higher" LOL But come on what makes it different than a Overwatch $10 copy?

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Why would Overwatch players play this? Why would Unreal tournament players play this? First it's a freaking copy paste of OW. Second Unreal Tournament players are playing Quake, Unreal Tournament or Doom. They ain't playing FPS "light" like Overwatch.

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Its Canada talking about health that's all you need to know. Other studies have shown that most video games help memory loss or decrease it.

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Game is ok if you like cinematic experience kinda of games. Otherwise its a schizophrenic sim.

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A 8hr game, that is pretty much just a walking cinematic experience. U ever wanted to play a schizophrenic sim? Your in luck.

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Finally UC has come full circle with Tomb Raider. Lara.. I mean Chloe has her own game. At least ND know they will be able to check off so many SJW items on that checklist without push back.

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"Destiny 2 beta didn't get me hyped" No shit. Just like u ain't hyped about going back to a job u don't hate, but your vacation is over Or school. Cool to see everyone again, but HYPED for going back? lol

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If you spent 3 yrs playing destiny 1 than you ain't going nowhere. If you hated destiny 1, than your going to probably hate this one too. Is this going to be a failure? lol NO. Destiny has a large community to actually see it for 10yrs.

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PVP is the real end game of Destiny. It ain't going no where. Raids? For what purpose you grind for that gear, to look good to your friends? Want them to whistle at you too? For many it all leads to Iron Banner. And lets not forget Trials.

With that said wtf are they smoking? 3yrs and now they want to push for MLG? Too late. They nerfed every class to oblivion. Why do I get my super just as match ends? Or 15secs before it ends? WTF is that about?!

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Well its not like we didn't know it was heading there. 8/10 Have the blonde in the bath and it would be 10/10.

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And when devs scrap beta's and go for "early access" like model on consoles watch people cry. lol

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Game is solid. Glitching is almost mute as you can report em, or punish em in different ways. As host with multiple glitchers? Wait till match is almost done then end game. As counselor kill them there. Then again next match even if they aren't glitching. Then again. Everyone sometimes forgets their place. Remind them.

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LOL. Oh man 3/10 for effort.

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Some gamers will look and be "no open world? Bad" Screw open world. Very few games actually pull off Open world or "make your own fun" Majority are boring adventures which the players never beat the main story cause they got bored doing squat and side missions.

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Nintendo is nothing but a toy company. They want the "grandma's" and rated E game lovers than more power to them. But much like the wii, its just a bleeding toy.

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What's cringe are nintendo fans, much like those that call themselves "OTAKU" like its a badge not knowing not even the nerds in japan want that label.

By the way some Beyond Good and Evil fans are carrying on you would think that after that first game they all jumped off the ps platform and went into the nintendo forever rated E train.

Your not children anymore.

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Only works with those that suck at jason shift. You don't use it near table. Move far enough away and then shift, and you can then hit them or grab. i usually hit him. And if they heal and repeat that nonsense I repeat also. Then when they run out of healing, Its my turn to taunt.

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Someone mentioned WD2, but I'll tell you that sjw games shoot themselves in the foot every time. They go so far pandering that its cringe worthy. Make your game how you want to make it, but if your checking off a list of how many women and people of color and gays and what ever your college hippy thinks is "marginalized" than expect people to take notice and not buy your shit.

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You like war thunder? Don't mind the grind of war thunder? Then you get what game this is. Other is is fun just going twisted metal and blowing shit up. Just prepare to grind.

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