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Matter of preference
I have yet to beat Fallout 3, Skyrim, Witcher 3, and such cause I got bored with them, and never bothered to finish story.

After awhile without no actual live persons, it dawns on you how empty the world really is. AI can't fix that feeling.

You can't say "Yeah babe, Nuke is doing fine. His wife is fine too. Just was playing with him in GTA" (or Destiny)

You can't say the same with fallout. One you can talk about at w... #23
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Meh.. Still better then a article that has warning about "triggers"

I've come to find out that an easy way to find the sensitive lad or lass is if they use the word "problematic" #65.1
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Love how all the bleeding hearts are up and arms about this. "you all must not have real GF!" LOL

Oh man.. Ain't there some trees that need saving? or Hollywood actresses?

I wouldn't be surprised to see this article go up on sites like the Huffington Post with a tag about "Twigger" What a sensitive lot they are. #70
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LOL #62.1
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Sucks for that kid. Tough lesson to learn. But now it's up to bungie to make sure that other douche learns one as well. A eye for a eye. Ban him. #52
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Cause nerds and kids can't quite their emotions and use bloody logic. Worse and more annoying then those kids that take sociology courses in college.

Do the bloody math. Even at 5hr game. That is what? Two 2hr hour movies right? Now unless you go to the movies alone (that's sad) that's two tickets at $25 per movie. $50 total.

So let me see... You get a great single player experience that you keep for $60. Or you get two movies that you can'... #54
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Hm.. so if my clan skips this game, then the only time I'll see other players will be on dark zones? Can't even at least see em?

Players gripe about destiny and praise sky rim and fallout. But those games missed on something destiny has over them. THEY FEEL EMPTY. Destiny may be all about grinding, but it never felt so bloody empty like SR or FO. "But it has AI companions!" Oh wow! It's like the nerd with pretend friends! #11
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steam? LOL #1.1.7
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This is why I say bounties are a way to stop these clowns or at least get their identities. "but the hackers might get seriously hurt or killed" LOL! AND? #15
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Yes. Mario galaxy 2 the more recent one with same score was viewed by many as GOTY. Right behind BF bad company 2, God of war 3, Red dead redemption (which won game of the year) and others. Mario galaxy can't compete with COD. And for that it should feel bad. Since COD is pretty bad. #31.2.2
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This from Nintendo. The toy dept of video games. Gaming has evolved into full hobbies. Along side chess and golf, if your a more competitive gamer.

Before he talks maybe he should look at why many gamers sneer at nintendo and how some of their games can't compete with some cell phone games. Or hey how about game of the year? I'm sure mario or zelda will get those.. yeah. #31
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You were asking your lady if you could have the last word? Good luck. I've known my lasses for years and have yet to still get a last word in. LOL #10.1
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Game is not a pure mmo. But it does share elements to one. No other FPS has raids. Nor farming. Now before the ADD kids cry themselves over it, and before we get Destiny is just grinding.. LOL

How long does it take to get full gear in raids in most MMO? Exactly. sit down. Now about diablo.. 3months to get that sword you want. Again sit down.

New content arrives in DEC. The majority would or should have gotten to LV30 by then. Which is great since guess what?... #13
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I feel sorry that this game because of it's hype is gonna get torn to pieces by the same ADD casuals that cry "story!" but only cause they can't handle any sort of commitment to a game past 24hrs.

How was that lord of the rings game? "It was amazing! awesome story!" Neat. You playing it tonight? "Nah I killed that game"

WOW. And these are the ones got dropped on their heads. This is the reason why games coming down the... #77
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"cyber bullying" Geez.. when did people become such sensitive fluff? When did this happen? Don't like whats being said? MUTE. #22
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Cause COD doesn't feel like a grind. And to those with ADD any MMO will have them QQ. Destiny has many MMO aspects to it, end game grind being one.

I knew what I was getting into, and so far I'm enjoying power grinding with my clan. And pub stomping with em too. #10.2
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And I was joking to my clan mates just today that those complaining about grinding, but then go and play Diablo. LOL. #1.10
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Oh no! What happens if sony never gets another minecraft game!? What will sony DOOOOOOOOOoooooooo?! #41
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played the alpha and the beta, so i knew I was getting, and I'm having a blast. Lv 16 hunter and kicking ass on PVP and PVE.

So many hipsters now a days. When did it get cool to blast the AAA games on day one of playing it? Let me guess the indie scene is new thing? LOL

8bit looking fluff gets a 9 for being "new" but all your doing is playing 8bit retro game. The day we all bloody gather at starbox to discuss the lack of "meaningful" m... #35
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So if you had no intention of Raiding. No intention of PVP. No intention of clanning..why you get the game? It's like many have never played a bungie game before. or expected fallout.

The game is not kind to single players, and that's where I'm seeing most of the negative reviews from. That and bitter children with a chip against bungie. #15
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