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Games to a gamer is a hobby. Not something you do to kill time. All you play is a few cell phone games? Your a gamer! No. No your not.

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in that context, if they only play farmville on facebook then they are a gamer. Only cell phone games? Your a gamer. No. No your not.

At worse they are the type to use words like "gate keeper" And "problematic" when all that should matter at the time is your HOBBY. And that in itself separates gamers from the casuals.

Games to gamer are their hobbies.

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Ok for those that keep bringing up GTA 5 on PC. GTA ONLINE on the rig is.... wait for it....GARBAGE. Here is a normal session. Go online and... GET BANNED. Why? Cause the first things nerds do when they go online is... hack and grief. And because of that the anti cheat is bleeding strict. Btw that is another normal session where you'll meet at least one cheater.

Tho I do like the anti hack. Zero tolerance baby!

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I came close to deciding on whether to get BF1 on my rig. Then i remember its a FPS on a PC. Graphics ain't enough to cover the fucking headaches with that shit.

There was once a time kids where FPS tho was king on PCs. You see the division on PC? have some one who plays on a rig tell you that rarely happens with a straight face.

You like mods you say? Rock star says f@#! off with that.

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Because they are SJW. Most of these are beyond what a casual gamer is. You go to their site and beyond the weird institution/asylum feel of it, you don't see anything beyond the most causal of games. Again these are the ones that insists just playing cell phone games makes one a gamer. and use words like "gate keeper" (looking at you mary sue)

Most pages deal with SJW polices than actual hobbies.

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How about you don't force devs to check things off from some checklists just for "diversity" sake. Reason why marvel comics is a fucking joke now. How many spidermans? Thors?

"but everyone now has one" SJW are moronic.

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Zero tolerance. They are being made an example of, and that's well and good. They forfeit their value the minute they didn't give a shit about their victims they stole from. Nothing of value is lost.

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He can accept what he did and move on. Doesn't mean he has to change his character to become more gentle. Kratos was never a hero. Their is this weird need by some to make him one. His motivations were all for himself.

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Never was for BF. You start playing BF yesterday?

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Cause people play BF for story right? I swear the amount of noobs that just started playing BF with BF4...

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Just don't make him into a bleeding care bear. Or feminist tool.

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Write what you want. Don't just check off a list.

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Those that actually think 2015 looks better then the Alpha.. put on your glasses and lay off the pot. Obviously your smoking the wrong shit.

The game is fun. Intense. Dominiation needs some work as it can quickly end one sided. But two vs two and duel is where its at! "1vs1 brah!" will make a comeback with this! lol

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RE has strayed so far into a action game that the "horror" of it doesn't exists. RE for many ended at 3. Along with Raccon City. And that's where that game should have stopped.

Now you have a RESIDENT EVIL with new characters. I say capcom disregard all the other shit and matrix bosses, and focus on different horror stories with umbrella corp somehow related to it but with different characters and stories. Keep the RE title.

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I shall fill the halls of Valhalla. Whether you all want it or not, I'm sending you all to Asgard! ODIN! Is my place reserved?!

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And for those with no 4k TV Both these systems are mute. Still far many people out there that think 4k has to do with retirement. lol

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Don't know about the click baity, but something off with the site itself. So just keep your hats on going in.

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I would have preferred a Tim Drake Robin game. I mean how many issues did he carry for DC? Either way a Damien game should be interesting.

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Kotaku remains still the laughingstock on the internet. At least polygon is somewhat trying to fix its image. Even tho we all know what they are about.

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Fix the bug, but leave the storm. Some of the best shit, is coming from that storm and catch em by surprise. You know they wet themselves. lol

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