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Those that actually think 2015 looks better then the Alpha.. put on your glasses and lay off the pot. Obviously your smoking the wrong shit.

The game is fun. Intense. Dominiation needs some work as it can quickly end one sided. But two vs two and duel is where its at! "1vs1 brah!" will make a comeback with this! lol

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RE has strayed so far into a action game that the "horror" of it doesn't exists. RE for many ended at 3. Along with Raccon City. And that's where that game should have stopped.

Now you have a RESIDENT EVIL with new characters. I say capcom disregard all the other shit and matrix bosses, and focus on different horror stories with umbrella corp somehow related to it but with different characters and stories. Keep the RE title.

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I shall fill the halls of Valhalla. Whether you all want it or not, I'm sending you all to Asgard! ODIN! Is my place reserved?!

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And for those with no 4k TV Both these systems are mute. Still far many people out there that think 4k has to do with retirement. lol

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Don't know about the click baity, but something off with the site itself. So just keep your hats on going in.

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I would have preferred a Tim Drake Robin game. I mean how many issues did he carry for DC? Either way a Damien game should be interesting.

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Kotaku remains still the laughingstock on the internet. At least polygon is somewhat trying to fix its image. Even tho we all know what they are about.

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Fix the bug, but leave the storm. Some of the best shit, is coming from that storm and catch em by surprise. You know they wet themselves. lol

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I find it interesting that people are worried that this god of war will pander to sjw. But from trailer kratos is still a bad ass. I say its a win/win. If GOW does go wrong, feminist will be blamed for it. All's good.

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I'm interested to see what comes of it. No cons in this. At worse if it does suck, SJW and feminists will take the blame.

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Relate to in a PC 2016 kind of way? No thanks. Keep the "toxic masculinity" In this game. Kratos has and should never be a bleeding care bear.

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Just don't let this be the "softer" kratos that teaches his pup that "its ok to play with dolls, and cry at the drop of a hat"

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It ain't super casual when half the bleeding team is going 0-10 or 5-13. This ain't battlefront nor COD. Blindly charging in conquest. And refusing to push in rush. NOOBS galore is commmon in every BF game, but damn the freshman on every first day of beta. lol

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This is BF game thru and thru. With noobs not knowing or ignoring in taking out tanks. I'm sure some will steer clear, and head back to COD. But only cause there asses kept getting recked by tanks.

Thing is.. they ain't hard to kill if you and another lad focus on em. In DOOM when one bloke picks up the demon rune, everyone and thier grandmother stops what they are doing and goes after em. In BF (every BF) when enemy tank shows up everyone ignores it in hopes it ...

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That's not a positive. Its not balanced as much as it's causal friendly. Reason why it got panned, and got the scores it did. Critics and users. Its simplified for a 5yr old. Literally. My pup can pick it up and hang with many of the players there.

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This I think tho is going to be a main compliant by those just use to or liking the modern FPS more. This game is in WW1. I already will tell ya that it will hardly be any city maps, more about vast country sides and small towns. For me tho I like that.

No claustrophobic alleys, just wide space.

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The map is dreary. The action is not. Other then choice of map, I like it. Thing you young uns need to remember tho.. THIS IS NOT MODERN MAPS. WW1 for crying out loud.

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last time I checked bragging that you play a Moba still got you made fun of.

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You know.. some people think eve online is amazing. I'm not one of those people. I hold higher standards.

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