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I enjoyed the order. Just damn too short, with some serious hang ups in last boss fight, but it does deserve a sequel. Amusing seeing some bash it for the story (which was good) like they played any FPS story through to the end. LOL Fix your damn ADD kids.

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How to prepare for this years COD. Play another game.

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All these SJW. Obviously Thorazine and all the meds have failed. This PC gen is the outcome of normalizing mental disorders. Time to go back to PRE Thorazine for the SJW.

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Looks awesome. Gonna be interesting having the whole clan back in this game.

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This nonsense, over a made up country. This is why people you don't let your kids become SJW. Their skin is like tissue paper.

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Toughen up. People aren't made of tissue paper and no feelings don't priority over free speech. Guy that he spoke to was also free to insult back. Or anyone could of. Some have. You got offended? Well I didn't. That's why I'm happier than you.

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You SJW should look in the mirror. Your not made out of tissue paper.

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Yes we do. Stop being bleeding flowers and toughen up. IF your acting like a freaking care bear be prepared to be called a care bear. SJW are Idiots.

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Stop placing reviewers in games that it is not their go to genre. You don't ask the nerd that plays eve online to jump into Americas Army. "good lord timothy I died again. Oh you can go prone"

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So your saying Fans will enjoy it and everyone else that didn't like destiny 1 will hate it? And water is wet.

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You didn't have to post it. Everyone already knows NMS is a joke.

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I don't get the try hard. Cause if your not trying hard than what the hell ya doing? But squeekers... holy crap! Its like they are in almost every FPS game now a days. Boats of em! Who like to talk more than bleeding shoot.

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So in other words "its not if you win or lose" that is always stated by the losers.

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If its part of the original concept than go for it. If its just checking off a SJW checklist than it's pandering. Much like marvel's "ALL NEW. ALL DIFFERENT" fiasco.

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I found the white knight.

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A sjw wet dream, and everyone else's pass. Unless there is some T&A in this, I don't see why go with chloe.

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I played the game. What makes it different? Don't say "you can jump higher" LOL But come on what makes it different than a Overwatch $10 copy?

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