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Hey, Rainbow six siege is still bringing it. Tho everything else? Sucks.

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It's pretty much Battlefield 1943. pre load outs and all. I swear these kids these days only played BF3 and BF4 and call themselves experts. Btw I loved BF 1943 so I'm can't wait for BF1.

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If you've played BF2 or anything before BF3 then you should know that Battlefield is NOT Arma. You know how fights play out in Arma? Here is a hint "It's like watching paint dry"

Everyone a bleeding hipster now. COD will always play like COD. And BF will always play like... wait for it BF. (unless your BF3-4) Go pop in Battlefield 1943 if you want to get the gist of how this game will feel like. And that game rocked.

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Speak for yourself. My grand vita may not play games as much, but I bring that shit with me everywhere. Shows, music, and the occasional games I get for it. Love the little one.

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THIS!! ^

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Seems like most causal FPS games now a days must have a "super" ability in there.

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Speak for yourself. At at 90 critic rating and 61 user rating compared to DOOM's 85 critic rating and 82 user rating on metacritic, I'll say DOOM is what FPS players were waiting for.

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Resident evil ended for me at 3. Where it SHOULD have ended. What happened after is just some action game with the RE name on it. Happened with dead space too.

But for RE? I blame those shitty movies being a influence.

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When I croak I want to be placed in the next Dark Souls game. As a weapon. The SURT blade ignores your armor defense so you have no "safe place" The blade adds on the status effect of "constant victim", which makes player MP defense start to degrade over time when "triggered" by a enemy AI.

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You mean GOOD creativity right? Not that majority of indie shit you find on steam. So self absorbed with their own "art" mumbo jumbo to let out a fart.

As long as its fun then cool.

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Shame tho that many who play won't fucking ever pick a book to read about the saga's. "And Thor drank deeply from the horn, but no matter how much he drank he could not finish. For you see what he was drinking was the very oceans of this planet."

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Something rated PG in AU? No shit. And water is wet.

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See kids this is why taking sociology in college is not a good idea.

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I always tend to scoff at those that love using the word "diverse" a lot. As well as "problematic" lol It's pandering dude. You want diverse? Remember Beyond good and evil? That's diverse. Another Quick example-

DIVERSE: Extreme Ghostbusters

Pandering: All female reboot of Ghostbusters.

DIVERSE: Harley Quinn comics.

Pandering: Thordis 2016. (female thor)

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Yeah.. and he got a lot of flak for that choice. Along with other cringe moments in that game. Still a great game, but lets call a spade a spade, as one could see the force fed nonsense there.

EDIT: The guy is a known bleeding heart, but even he knows to be subtle with that shit. Fight scene still made me roll my eyes. lol

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Cause that's all we need more games caving in to checking things off from a check lists rather then just make the game as intended. If you have to ask your writer "so he's the hero? But what if he was a she?" Your doing it wrong. It should have been a she from the get go, otherwise leave it as.

Pandering shit is what it is.

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He's older now, and has a child to take care of. But I don't get the flack about GOW 3. It ended how it should have. Who the hell thought Kratos was a hero? Role model? The guy is hardly a anti hero. And to some degree one can call him a villian. With GOW2, who was surprised at GOW3?

I sometimes don't get this need for anti heroes, or villians to make a good turn. Tho seems to happen everywhere. And not just in games. Deadpool and sabertooth ring a bell.

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Don't know about this game. Played all KZ and this reminds me of the outside levels in Shadow Fall. Which were NOT my favorite part in that game.

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even more so then say a GOW game? You lost all credibility. Hand over your gamer card.

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