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Here in Ireland games are 75€ at launch and keep in mind the euro is slightly ahead of the us dollar.

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So how many Wii U's did it sell? must have been a lot.

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uncharted 4 was already announced soooo yeah...

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i hope that becomes a thing

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@okmrman ''Show us some new games''-I would say that is addressing sony

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yeah i think this is a mistake

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especially when things explode.... I love explosions

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Edit: And I wonder what happens when you lose connection? Microsoft can't make this big because of weak internet connections across the world. Even if this works, its too early.

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I wonder if there will be cross play with ps3 users. I think the multiplayer was under rated

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''Jack Denton''...facepalm... come back when you know what you are talking about

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''Well, look closely at the title. It has dark right in the name. Clearly this game has some racial overtones that probably has inspired a lot of video game playing racists. It really speaks to how out of touch gamers truly are''. LOLOLOLOL

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its been a long wait though...I mean for something that was supposed to be available for ps4/x1 at launch?

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I havent heard anything about this game in at least 3 months

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if its true then great but its EA so im doubtful. they like to release the other half of the game in DLC

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if they raise it to 200 off... i may possibly consider it... but probably not

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it is sad but they will get away with this. Most Xbone users like being screwed by MS

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meanwhile MS spend 400 million on a useless NFL partnership

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i don't get it....

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CD projekt are cosy with MS so im not so sure about the witcher 3

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