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Yea, no MLB the show on this list but MLB 2K is on their twice from the last 3 yrs?!? List is bogus

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Ya know....I never really went that many levels into the matrix, but that's a great point. I know I got a 360 first after I had a ps2. PS3 was picked up about 2-3 yrs later for me....PS4 is where the heart is.

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Tin foil touch?

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Seriously, reviews are so hard to find these days. If only there was a news site for gamers that posted them in one convenient space.....**lightbulb**

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These has to be some sort of conflict of interest, no?

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Fully customizable titans plus fully destructible environments and I'm sold. What's the point of having these massive and powerful titans if they can't blow up a wall? I can just imagine how much fun that would reality, all FPS should have close to fully destructible environments for this generation.

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It's like great gameplay and incredible graphics....why not have both?

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That review is possibly fake. Maybe we can wait until our fellow gamers can give it a proper once over?

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Some are saying it's not legit, that it seems lacking in detail and may be based on the beta. The reviewer does say the single player is beautiful however. It's hard to say at this point and I would avoid jumping to conclusions until more legit outlets get their hands on it. I'm cautiously optimistic for the game.

Edit: this "review" gave the game a 7. Take that for what you will.

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You lost me at chem trails....

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Out of curiosity, did they state if it's native 1080p or up scaled?

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Nice Anchorman reference! Bravo,bravo

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It's get the most love on my ps4 besides maybe Nba2k (despite how bad 2K butchered it with online only & micro transaction b.s). I'm simply addicted to Don't Starve and bring able to remote play it at my gf's house is a godsend.

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It'll be shown off with the new VR headset as a launch title for the device on ps4, at least that's what I'm hoping to see!

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So someone tweets at him and he responds...that makes him a whiny c**t? I know it's difficult to read the actual tweets but you should still try. This wasn't an unprompted "rant".

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Mine too works like a charm, loving Assasins Creed Black Flag and NBA 2k14!

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Bought mine at the local Sony far it runs like a dream. I love the console and genuinely feel bad for those with DOA units.

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I'm psyched for this...more Elie. She was a bad a$$ in tLoU so I'm ready to do it all again in the DLC!!

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Do you have PS+? I had to get a new ps3 and was dreading transferring all my saves. So uploaded the saves I needed to the PS+ cloud, then downloaded them to my new Ps3 no problem. It was great, quick and easy. Of course, I don't know about movies and music and the such, but game saves were the most important to me.

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I really could have cared less about the existence of this game. The last time I saw it was i think a video of the FPS version. From then I just said no way to the game. Then all these great reviews come out and i find out it's actually a turn based strategy game. I ran out and bought it and I'm glad I did. It's got to be my favorite game of the year so far, something so refreshing compared to the non-stop FPS barrages we've had. I suggest everyone give this game a shot, you w...

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