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Wow...they're donating more money than Bioware when they donated 1 grand because gamers harassed a staff member on the writing team....

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I saw that too....maybe the east coast 1700s is actually true? Or Russia seems like a good place to go as well.

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There is something to be said about digital distribution when theft or fire strikes. While you may never own a physical copy, it's almost peace of mind knowing your collection is safe in the cloud.

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This has been the most expensive two months of gaming I can recall in years. Must have them all!

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I have very little interest in the single player campaign, so I'll be checking it out. It will tide me over until multiplayer tonight! :)

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I already know this game is gonna be good, but I haven't gotten it yet so I guess I'll just watch it for now.

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I picked up a copy of RAGE on the PlayStation 3 last night and I am a bit disappointed with the texture streaming. I mean, an 8gb install and every time you move the camera you have to watch models and textures stream in. Pretty unacceptable... I really hope they release a patch soon to address this, but on the plus side the game is a lot of fun.

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If that's how the box is gonna open, I am so getting this.

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...I see what you did there...

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Playing on Coop on the hardest difficulty was so much god damn fun in this game.

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God damn Next week next week! I can't effin wait!!!

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I don't think its an was just announced for those platforms

EDIT : why are you disagreeing...the article itself speculates it will be multiplatform.

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I seriously wish he gave us a simple hint....God damn the wait is going to be loong.

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Canada is where ubisoft and eidos reside right?

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While I like that digital distribution has helped the small time guys, I still do like getting a physical copy of my games.

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Man I really want to see this on the PC and see if it takes advantage of DX 11.

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I'm heading to Seattle just for this! Can't wait!

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Awesome list. I'm sure it's gonna grow by the time vita releases.

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I'm definitely up for some old school shooter action, haven't had one in a while.

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Did anyone not see this coming? As much as I am happy that he leaked it, he should've saved it for himself and not get himself in so much trouble.

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