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Wow really thats it?

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Its all about the games. All sony

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Lol everything breaks up in squares and triangles

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PS now has over 200 DOWNLOADABLE PS4 games.

Game Pass only has 150 X1.

PS Now has about 400 more additional streaming games.

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Og ps4 runs native 1080p the og xbox and s does not but run lower 800 somethin p.

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Does it matter? Hell no tell that to the ones that own og ps4s and xboxones playing this right now. The game is awesome by itself. You got 4k datz cool too. A must game to own regardless on what platform.

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Very happy with pro version. A ton of pro and base player friends have already got it.

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Absolutely fine with it being checkerboard. I knew this the day i bought a pro. If your a fanboy of a certain kind of console at least be an educated one. The x is more powerful and im ok with that we all kinda forgot it was just released not to long ago. Still love my pro straight up.

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Holidays are coming along and sony and Nintendo will ko each other.

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Sure is headed that way. Sony has already had a plethora of games come out like God of war and spider horizen that have exceeded sales expectations and quality. Whatever sony is doing they definitely have peoples attention in a very good way unlike ms your just not sure what the hell is going on. Forza 4 has poor sales what does that mean

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How are they getting much better? Only game to release so far is forza 4. Its already dead.

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The dumbest ones are the ones that actually pay just to play free to play games but don't even support their own exclusives. Sad life.

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Sony fans celebrating? LOL won't even notice it even happening the ps population is to great.

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Gotta let the babies have this one. Now you kids don't have to wait forever for a match thanks to sony's huge population of gamers. Soon you'l be whining cause matches start to fast due to high sony players.

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Could be planning a huge announcment

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More power that's great do something about it.

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Um well yeah if you turn settings down. Sometimes it ain't even worth 4k when most games suck in the optimization department.

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Not a big fan of bethesda games anyways. Doesnt drop sony sales whatosever. Their own studios make them enough cash flow and other 3rd studios. if all third parties want cross play then maybe sony may swing the other way but Until then this aint shit

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Would love to see a killzone 2 remaster 4k 60fps mp.

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The ones whining about it are the ones i dont want to cross play with. So no

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