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Um well yeah if you turn settings down. Sometimes it ain't even worth 4k when most games suck in the optimization department.

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Not a big fan of bethesda games anyways. Doesnt drop sony sales whatosever. Their own studios make them enough cash flow and other 3rd studios. if all third parties want cross play then maybe sony may swing the other way but Until then this aint shit

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Would love to see a killzone 2 remaster 4k 60fps mp.

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The ones whining about it are the ones i dont want to cross play with. So no

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More like adult whining. Ps4 doesnt need cross play its fine where it is now and years to come.

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dont need it.

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Whats the sales of sod2 for pc? Now im curious all these lovely fanboys calling detroit a failure then sod2 must be a floppy fail.

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they are they were just asked a question so they answered

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if this is true imma gonna nut.

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I love at the very and end of the game everyone has a car drives around in circles until one gets out or runs out of gas after that its a royale.

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Really hyped for this game and Res 7 was awesome. Capcom has been doing really well lately with their games.

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Dam man 6 years has gone buy with ps4. Still king

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You can have that crossplay. To ms, Your servers are obsolete sorry to hear. Sony is so backed up cant even get up to pour a drink a match has started. I think were good. Man ghost of tsunami.... wow.

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This wont change a thing. Sony has a massive community big enough to support its own servers. 80 mill plus. Could care less about cross play. Children bickering.

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Yeah popular on letgo lol.

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I miss the old res 1 and 0 remake style from gamecube version . Wish they went back to that style.

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Its a good game. Show your support and you will receive more.

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those are sony fanboys stuck in a dreamland like alot of xbox fangirls. the moon is shrinking**

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terry crews regretting this one

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