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Two different people reviewed those games, not the same guy.

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I don't think anyone is comparing Killzone: Shadow Fall to COD or BF4. It's just talking about Killzone in general.

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It's a bummer that the Xbox came out the way it did, but at least it was discussed about the potential behind the system.

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What's the issue? They're just charts that some company provided. I don't think it reflects on any kind of website at all, it's just facts.

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The quality can't be compared, you're right, but it's still interesting to see the numbers and how the industry is fully changing.

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It's not that Nintendo failed, blah, blah, blah, it's that they aren't doing anything to help their classic franchises. I salivate at the thought of Nintendo buying Platinum Games and that's a true step in the right direction.

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The video is actually live right now.

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I'm 100% sure that line under the picture is complete sarcasm.

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Dude, read the review before you start complaining. Like it says, a 6 out of 10 on THEIR WEBSITE means well above average. A game doesn't have to be an 8 or above to justify a purchase.

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I think it's important to note that this Halo tried many things and they worked in their own right. However, they were far too safe with it and gave us a terribly lackluster story.

I hope I'm not the only one out there that wishes for Halo's campaign to mean something more than simply switching over to multiplayer.

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Besides Chris Roberts coming back in a big way, I think this is exactly what businesses need to see from the space-sim genre. Hopefully we'll start getting an influx of these kinds of titles rather than the gunmetal grey, post-apocalyptic shooters that have saturated the market.

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Dude, you really need to read the article. I always hate it when people whine and say that the writer is contradicting him/herself when that's the ENTIRE point of the article. This is what they said before the list got started:

"To play our point in as fair of a way as possible, we've compiled a comprehensive list of five solid reasons why Judgment is a bad idea, but with five more reasons why it's helping the series."

Each reason was go...

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It's an article talking about both good and bad points on each of those reasons. Did you even read it? lol

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There's good points in there, the negatives obviously required more elaboration.

How long do you need the article? Six pages? I love me some Gears, but I think these points are fair.

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Lists are always a good thing. Well, usually.

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An excellent episode. Keep up the good work!

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I understand what you're saying for sure, but a new character wasn't introduced in the end of the game. It's in the article as to why. You should watch that YouTube video that's embedded in there too.

You see, Lost actually ended though. That controversial ending was the actual end to the series - nothing was ever going to come after it. Mass Effect 3's ending is just a short stop in the universe. A 'season' if you will.

ME3 is def...

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Knowing Konami, it really could be anything. But just for the hell of it I'll say it's some type of survival game. Why not?

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Not a huge fan of Resistance, but I am interested in what Insomniac has to say.

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