If you put words in my mouth, ARTICULATE!!
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But Who is on first.

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And fun. Don't forget about the part where it brings so many of us joy.

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They shouldn't be asking that much for it. What YOU want to pay for it, is how much it is worth.

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It's actually just a flip-book of the entire game.

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Yes you did. "lol"

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Typical Abriel, acting like a total douchebag. Bravo. Very professional.

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Lol this type of comment always cracks me up.

Boys want to get laid. Men want to make love.

Grow up.

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The bogus article will continue to gain traction, and comments, while this one is ignored in comparison. Watch.


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More Ni New Nah-Nah please!

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I think it all boils down to; ever since playing Spyro the Dragon, have I ever wanted to incinerate sheep(irl)? No.

That was a game made for a child, and I was fine then. Should I not be fine, now that I am an adult playing games intended for adults? Your post says it much better than I could, and I think you are spot on. There is always a part of me that, even though it is just a game, feels bad when I do terrible things "for fun", as opposed to the horrible things...

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...Which has nothing to do with the fact that he wishes devs would spend less time trying to stop the thieves.

Reading comprehension. Get some.

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Lol wow.

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Ignoring how shitty the main characters are in this game I guess. Since they are men it's okay, though. Right?

It's not equality when one side gets treated with kid gloves. Rockstar is apparently above that. You should try it.

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People always seem to ignore that it is a video game being played by someone. THEY decide what to do. Rockstar lets the player do what they want. Are you upset that the player has the freedom of choice, or are you upset by what they themselves choose to do?

It's akin to being mad at a company that produces paint, because I chose to try and get high off of it.


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That third one made me laugh out loud.


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I always liked that Michael, who from the outside looking in, "had it all", had the worst life. At least in my subjective opinion. All three main characters had their own problems but Mr. American Dream was by far the worst.

He got it all, but he really didn't have anything.

OT: WTF is "rape culture"?

This game objectifies every person in it, just for different reasons. People *could go on, and on about the stereotypes...

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Yes. :)

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"Unfortunately they are only retarded during the day."

I don't believe it... Someone actually used the word retarded correctly...

WELL DONE SIR! You get an entire box of Kudos.

OT: I am very excited for this game for the coop. My friend and I really enjoyed the original Dead Island, for what it was, and couldn't be more ready for more coop on our current gen systems. We're getting towards the end of our time with Diablo 3,...

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