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"If you put words in my mouth, ARTICULATE!!"


The Boss from MGS Snake Eater. It wasn't "gross sick", but it made me feel sick nonetheless. #6

:P #1.1.1
This ain't some average joe son, this is Angry Joe. #1.1.3
Lol right? I said it as a joke to my friend, and then thought "I hope I didn't just ruin the twist."

Not the Joker part, but the Arkham Night being an illusion. My favorite parts of Arkham Asylum were when Scarecrow has Batman seeing the corpses of his parents talking to him, and whatnot. #1.1.2
It's all an illusion created by the fear toxin... Buh buh bummmmm! #1

*walks away* #13
Because THAT sounds like a fun time! #1.2.2
Shiny. #2

NO! I demand answers. I will not be disrespected by someone saying they disagree with something I have said.

/parody #2.1.3
Who DARES to give me a disagree?!?!


haha #2.1.1
So ridiculous. A release date? Would wanting an actual announcement not be more prudent? #2
You're so cool.

I'm sure he was talking about the actual game. Hilarious that someone with your profile picture would give someone grief for being excited for this.

Are you kidding me? #2.1.1
No, but I heard you get to let his frozen body sink to the bottom of the ocean via quick-time event. #5.3
While I liked what I saw of the multiplayer, after the co-op reveal all of the momentum they had built up with me dwindled.

Part of what makes the Treyarch package so appealing, and worth the sixty dollars, is you are getting three entirely different tiers with their games.

This, just is not good enough for me. #2.1
Clever boy.

Anyway, it's been confirmed that they will not do any of that garbage they did in the past. What I mean is that they have said there will be no character dlc, like your teammates. They really pissed me off with ME3, taking away story that SHOULD have been in there from the get-go.

But that confirmation, plus actually paying attention to the game as opposed to being a lazy troll, and the fact that even the multiplayer dlc(do not plan on playing... #1.1
That should have no relevance to how you enjoy the game. I don't revel in the fact that the XBOX has a lower resolution, however, I AM glad that my system of choice has full HD. That is what I bought my freakin HD TV five years ago for.

Just enjoy your games. #4.1.3
Nice job not replying to me, but still talking to me.

I'm calling the site out for trying to get a headline, failing, then still using the headline although the content does not justify it. You either disagree, which is fine, or you are lying to yourself.

The questioning may have "moved on", but that didn't stop the headline from happening, now did it? It's not an insult of character, just calling out a poorly thought out decision. #1.1.6
"How? By not answering the question at all?"

Precisely. The guy was begging for it, like a dog. This guy was smart enough not to give him anything.

Yet the title is still "Dragon Age: Inquisition on Xbox One vs PS4 challenges", which was NOT discussed by the interviewee, but only provoked by the interviewer.

The standards should be higher than that. #1.1.3
The guy off screen seems really determined to get a quote from him talking negatively about the Xbox One.

I see this guy simply outsmarting him. #1.2
lol #12.3
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