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It's never over. Just ask Nintendo and the Wii went from top dog to bottom hog.


No. #10
Shame. I like the idea of it being exclusive. Every XBOX third party game that has gone multi has gone to utter garbage.. Mass Effect, Dead Rising, etc.. #42
It's a video game and he was trying to cheat. Seriously going to ball your eyes out over a game?
You act like someone in his family died, then that would be messed up laughing.

Maybe I'm just out of touch with the big problems facing today's 15yo. #1.15
The crying at the end is classic. Tough lesson kid. Never trust an online douche nozzle with any access to your content. #1
Blah. Disruptive Publishers just dirty up the themes sections last gen with a ton of junk. Looks like they are continuing on.. $2.99? There needs to be some quality control with these third party theme makers. #3
We must demand grass parity! #32.2
My BS alert is pegging the red on this one. #14.4.3
The fact you see it so one sided says SOOO much about you.

Yes, DriveClub is a crap game and Evolution have no idea what they are doing on the PS4. GMAB #13.2
Probably got families and lives and aren't spending decades arguing Xbox vs PS. Xbot? Man, you must be in this a couple decades man. Sorry. #1.11.1
Funny, I was thinking the same thing about the PS4 version. Whenever it switches it goes to a white wash. But then again, it could be the position of the sun. Nothing well said about that. #1.14
Weird I got a key for the PS4 alpha and have it downloaded. Also, there are people streaming it. Not sure where you get your info. #6.2.1
Dead before it even got started. Total waste of money and resources that could have been spend on first party studios. #16
How can you buy the FREE PS+ version? #7.1
It's free so I'll try it whenever Sony gets their act together. Forza is out and working so no need to lack in racing. Plus The Crew is up and coming and hopefully they will actually deliver. #23.1
I knew the dev was lying.. N4G knows way better when it comes to developing Unity.. I mean what do the guys that make the game know?

I would say this is BS if all games on PS4 were 60/1080p but they are not. #59
The shadows are not better. They are both a jaggie bouncing mess on both. The difference is in the blacks. Plus the PS4 version seems to be missing or not showing the same part of the game. No lantern in the hand while on the Xbox One version there is. #3.1.3
In the last scene with the lantern. The PS4 version the guy isn't holding anything it looks like. Or the animation doesn't show the lantern.

The blacks look more defined on the PS4 version. #1.2.1
Oh, I thought Double Helix were doing Season 2. Hrm, they passed it off to another dev? I think I'll wait before I jump on buying it then. MS's games are like bastards.. too many daddies.. That's probably why they suffer a lot. #4.1
haha read that message in the first link that was pasted. "I submitted this in order to bring attention". After people tried to report it and it failed over and over. Finally, someone had to explain to the P community why it was submitted. And it certainly wasn't updated like this one is to keep it hot. Whatever though.. #1.2.5
haha Yes, noticed that too.. #39.1
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