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If you buy the hardware, which is what we are talking about here, you are buying it for the catalog of games and that is what I think Ryan741 was saying. #23.1.1
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China is not Japan. You are only going to find that shunning in that country. Everyone has their reasons why Japan reject it but I think we know why and it has little to do with games.

They also lined up by the thousand in India for it's launch. #42
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Just think of all those people who spent big money on the Home content only to have it all become useless now.

Content purchased within PlayStation Home will not be eligible for refunds, Sony says, "due to the progressive and innovative nature of the gaming industry".

And they aren't bringing it to PS4. #1
Dude. Sorry but your comment is idiotic. I understand YOU don't like MS but that is some dumb reasoning and conclusion. #1.6.1
Says who? You? Who are you?

Okay.. Moving along..

Click's on site name under Read Full Story, clicks WTF and No. #11
I like free but this is the second month in a row Xbox One is getting some dodgy ID@XBOX game. Are they going to ever do a true retail title? If this is Xbox's answer to Plus they aren't even close. I guess it will come as the library grows. #11
Good for UK gamers on the fence. Hopefully MS is able to bring down manufacturing costs quickly and drop the price even more and in the US. #14
Tidux again.. But I guess since he is making a negative XBO prediction he has restored his credibility?

Also really lame that this site hopes that the XBO version is gimped.

If the devs make this call I will just skip it. Don't even call yourself next-gen if you can't get to the standard resolution on every TV being sold and have to cheat by upscaling. No matter how good your upscaler is it is not native. #32
Had me excited since the trailer at E3! #11
You make it sound like the games on PlayStation sell millions. They've never been big selling titles with maybe a couple of exceptions. #5.1
For anyone that has to work hard for a living this is a major bummer. But I guess if there are people willing to actually spend time listening to this guy and someone actually willing to pay him then game on. I will say I can't stand the guy and will skip anything he does but that is my personal opinion. #16
Shake 'n Bake! #2
MS why do you keep supporting this country? The world is a big place and it's time to drop Japan and focus on other places. You've had Japan centric games, courted the developers there and supported the entire gaming ecosystem in Japan for far too long. The return is abysmal. #46
Hypocritical? I'm looking at the article to see where it sights any example where MS blocked Sony from even advertising a game that launches on the same day. I understand with a timed exclusive but not a game releasing on the same day. Even COD advertises for the PS4. #14
They don't allow Sony to advertise COD? That's funny because I see plenty of ad's. They may work out an exclusive content deal but I have never seen them block Sony from being able to talk about a game that is coming out the same day. New low here. #16.1
OH yes, so much class in not allowing another company to advertise a game coming out the same day.

So much class with that... said no one ever! #17.1
hahah I know it's funny. It's also funny it went over this articles head that MS can't advertise or talk about it because of the deal Sony made. So of course, they are going to have to talk about cologne because they can't talk about the game. #22.1
It's not even the same Beatdown. The game is launching day and date with the PS4 version and they can't advertise it. Unlike TR which is a timed exclusive and there will be no TR for PS4 at the time it releases. #1.8.3
Um, This game is launching day and date with Sony but MS can't advertise it. This is something so low that even MS hasn't stooped this far.

And they are right, it smells. Specially considering how Xbox made Bungie. They would still be making crappy Mac games.. #1.4.6
And yet if MS had blocked Sony from even advertising the whining would be epic. Judging by all the whining and troll deleted comments it seems the Sony fans here can't even take a joke. #67.1
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