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And Titanfall is on XB1 and PC for March and Infamous came late in the month and is only on PS4. Second Son is doing gangbusters in sales! It's well deserved. #6
Sony is on fire. I agree, they've been good to gamers and I am glad to see this. #91
Well I'm sure the old lady gaming market will eat it up! But you can continue to pretend that the type of games you are making are not being purchased mainly by teen and young MALE adults. Go ahead and make the game, just don't expect to sell much. But you can beat your chest about how you didn't include a typical male protagonist. I'm surprised she didn't mention WHITE protagonist. #5
They have been real clear with the NDA that nothing is to be leaked. There is always that one. #9.1
I've been in the beta for a few days now and I was updated to 2.0 right when I first connected. Cant say much beyond that it really does work! #12
Somebody broke the NDA. I guess that's why we can't have nice things. I would be watching for the Sony ninja's. #2
Sarah Silverman and Seth Green do not belong in any sentence referencing "power house of entertainment". The only thing Seth does worth a crap is Robot Chicken and Sarah is just a gross offensive liberal twit. #2.4.2
I take it the ones packed in with the console are okay? I've never had any problems and they seem to be holding up good. #11
Well anonjohn23 that is what they are using it for. It's Live with Playstation that people want to use it for. It has little to nothing to do with games a lot of the time. It's fun watching. #2.1.2
The whole grungy rebellious beanie wearing character is my only knock on the game. He is annoying to me. #3.3
Yup, maybe not paid but has a Sony bias.

A monkey would give Ryse a 2, said the guy who never played it. #9.1.2
No No no, it's okay now. The wind has changed direction this week. #62.1
This is the same Polygon that is owned and run by Microsoft right? My "sources" say the game has been a huge success for all and no reason to change what ain't broken. I don't want to see yet another game suffer from the multiplatform treatment. DR, Bioshock, MGS, all have become less games when they went multiplatform. #92
Lost Planet and Dead Rising say HI. But anything RE is going to be muliplat and same with Fallout. #2.4
Um, Xbox One is already on the map! Stop acting like it's failing. EA does not regret anything, I'm sure the important folks at the top made sure everyone was happy. The only people with sandy vag's and crying about this are people with no other choice but a PS4. Sorry.. #3.1.2
a baseless rumor is just that. The site can be legit but their own article says they don't have the numbers yet. #2.3.1
Can you show me some links from MS execs bragging this is a system seller? Just curious. The fact that they've advertised the game is not the same as banging a drum about how many units it's going to move. Source it up. #2.2.4
Does this include the Titanfall bundle? I would think anyone wanting the system for TF would of purchased that bundle. Also, the rest of PAL/EU the XB1 isn't even on the market. TF is a hit! #77
I hope they do something with awful media/DNLA support and no custom soundtracks.. It's a shame the Xbox 360 does more. Having to push media to the system defeats the purpose and I think they believe by dropping these features suddenly people will waste money on their video/music marketplace. #9
It said future projects but said nothing about Titanfall. Isn't there a huge exclusive coming this Friday PS gamers should be excited about? Instead just trolling for Titanfall? It's only 6v6 using some old engine and the graphics aren't 60/1080p so you don't want it anyway.. #33
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