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Stole it? That would imply MS took it for nothing. They paid a pretty penny I'm sure and probably helped finance some development. #29
No doubt YES. #6
King, I think it's to give the closest representation possible to how the game will be controlled on consoles. Whenever I approach the MS booth and ask what system it's running on they never hesitate to tell me it's on a PC if that is the case. #2.2.6
Seriously so everything the other console makers show is always running native on their console?

It is so much easier to just run a work in progress code on a PC. The devkits are basically PC's. I don't see the problem. Why are they blaming MS when the developers choose to run the code how they want. #32
This is the real crime. I understand they want to sell as much as they can but if the 360 limits the XB1 version nobody is going to buy it. #47.1
I seem to be missing all the whining and crying for FROM Software's third party exclusive. I understand this is a franchise that has touched all platforms but if what you say is true I would expect the same level of whining and crying from Xbox but I don't see it. #52.1
Still whining about this? Xbox gamers are smiling from ear to ear as are anyone who planned on picking one up.

Everyone will get to play it eventually and as someone said it will be optimized even more and probably include a bunch of extra DLC. #59
Yup. I can't argue with that.

It is only temp anyway so everyone will have it eventually. #1.3
Whining and crying about it helps no one.

So many childish articles going up it's ridiculous.

"Why is the New Tomb Raider Exclusive to the Side That's Losing". SMH #24
We know it's temp exclusive. That seems to be the way they roll with third parties. I really don't get this deal or really think it's going to benefit the console much. #1.1.30
So the rumor gauge is hoping Xbox owners never get the game? Lame. If I had a nickel for every time I heard "never coming to xxxxx" only to have it release. #36
Well at least they aren't hiding their disdain for this American product and smear. #3
MS just can't help themselves. I think they fear commitment. Years and years of the customers telling them to have true exclusives and they just keep going with the fake ones that come out better on another platform. Ryse looks to be another and it's not even been a year.

Then they wonder why no one has brand loyalty. They know you can play everything on something else. There is no specific reason to own an Xbox which should be the games you can't play any w... #3
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Jeebus, you are giving me anxiety over how much I need to catch up on! I'm agree with you %100. #137.1
Both of my consoles have been paperweights lately only because I can't find any time to play! I have a ton to catch up on! I just can't relate to the "nothing to play" line. #147
It's a console launch. You expend a huge amount of money. Gotta spend money to make money. #1.15
It seems they are keeping their high profile shows still on track and I hope this is one of them. Regardless, the game needs to be good by itself so TV show or not just give me a great game. #20
It's a failure because it is outselling the last product by a wide margin?

Your reasons for calling it a failure are ridiculous.

I remember reading this same stuff when the PS3 launched. #58
This is a duplicate story and we've already been through this.

Yes. the One has 1080p games. Period. It is up to the developers to make it happen. #36.1
Yes, like Knack. #6.1
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