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It seems they are keeping their high profile shows still on track and I hope this is one of them. Regardless, the game needs to be good by itself so TV show or not just give me a great game. #20
It's a failure because it is outselling the last product by a wide margin?

Your reasons for calling it a failure are ridiculous.

I remember reading this same stuff when the PS3 launched. #58
This is a duplicate story and we've already been through this.

Yes. the One has 1080p games. Period. It is up to the developers to make it happen. #36.1
Yes, like Knack. #6.1
What didn't you like about Ryse? Just curious because your name is windblowsagain, your blog is nothing but PlayStation. #1.11
Enjoying games makes you a real gamer. Not everyone can afford all platforms but just as long as a person can respect what the others have they are okay in my book. #32
Director of community engagement? Stepto was a dick on XBL and had several bad PR problems with his prick attitude with enforcement. Not sure how this guy can engage a community without accusing them of stealing something. #1
Sorry, Nolan just stands out too much. It's like type casting. His voice is a distraction to me unless he is Drake. #4
Becoming? It was only the lashing the PS3 got in its early years that humbled these guys. They've always been arrogant, remember the Sega days? It's business, they should be proud of their product. However, don't rag on the other guys when they take shots as well. #64
I get way more value from the XB1 Kinect than $40. I won't give up those features to not even have enough to buy 1 game. #1.2
Killer Instinct, DR3, Titanfall has kept my system on. #2
I'm in the private beta on both PS3 and PS4 and there is no charging of games the last time I checked even if the prices are there as place markers. Sony want feedback so that is why they put them up and nothing is set in stone with the prices. #66
So why are you here if you hate Xbox one? Just to troll? You obviously find no redeeming qualities so why even comment? #11.2.2
What game has Stardock done? I hope this isn't the Windows theme people. #17
And you must have been asleep last gen when "butthurt self entitled PlayStation wankers." Spend all gen crying and whining about it. Talk about having the shoe on the other foot.

Btw - Why you so mad? #17.1
Yes it does and it's an ace up Sony's sleeve with their TV's having the service built in. Sony could be corning the streaming gaming market like Netflix for movies. #1
According to who? MS didn't take a breathe from showing games and then they had an after conference where they showed even more games (indie). Sony starting talking the sales thing and how much this and that has grown, then they started talking about TV and hardware and I was waiting for that killer surprise. Plus the new guys are no Jack Trenton. Oh well, each has their own idea I think they both did about the same with Ninty being a nice surprise. #44
Great stuff considering most of these streaming services ban any non-game related content. I checked the Live from PS out and it was a pretty sorry scene of weirdos sitting around wasting their lives and a bunch of people chatting to take whatever female in the rooms shirt off or show boobs. It's like TV for people who shouldn't be on TV. #1
How is that Wiimote.. Oh, I mean Move working? #3.25
Reminds me of Too Human. Long development cycle that turned into a nightmare and then an annoying boring game was born. #38
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