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For anyone that has to work hard for a living this is a major bummer. But I guess if there are people willing to actually spend time listening to this guy and someone actually willing to pay him then game on. I will say I can't stand the guy and will skip anything he does but that is my personal opinion. #16
Shake 'n Bake! #2
MS why do you keep supporting this country? The world is a big place and it's time to drop Japan and focus on other places. You've had Japan centric games, courted the developers there and supported the entire gaming ecosystem in Japan for far too long. The return is abysmal. #46
Hypocritical? I'm looking at the article to see where it sights any example where MS blocked Sony from even advertising a game that launches on the same day. I understand with a timed exclusive but not a game releasing on the same day. Even COD advertises for the PS4. #14
They don't allow Sony to advertise COD? That's funny because I see plenty of ad's. They may work out an exclusive content deal but I have never seen them block Sony from being able to talk about a game that is coming out the same day. New low here. #16.1
OH yes, so much class in not allowing another company to advertise a game coming out the same day.

So much class with that... said no one ever! #17.1
hahah I know it's funny. It's also funny it went over this articles head that MS can't advertise or talk about it because of the deal Sony made. So of course, they are going to have to talk about cologne because they can't talk about the game. #22.1
It's not even the same Beatdown. The game is launching day and date with the PS4 version and they can't advertise it. Unlike TR which is a timed exclusive and there will be no TR for PS4 at the time it releases. #1.8.3
Um, This game is launching day and date with Sony but MS can't advertise it. This is something so low that even MS hasn't stooped this far.

And they are right, it smells. Specially considering how Xbox made Bungie. They would still be making crappy Mac games.. #1.4.6
And yet if MS had blocked Sony from even advertising the whining would be epic. Judging by all the whining and troll deleted comments it seems the Sony fans here can't even take a joke. #67.1

Really, the deal won't even let MS advertise Destiny? How lame and I wonder how much they had to pay for that?

These deals are getting worse all the time. #74
Feminist goes on rant. The world responds. Feminist cries and whines and goes into hiding after the results of rant.

She needs to go and make her own video game company and get the world to love her games and she can make the woman any way she wants.

She has the face for a feminist that is for sure. #3
God bless the Xbox Japan folks. It's like the band that kept playing while the boat sank. #4
Ah, Japan has been a problem for MS. Meanwhile, Japanese devs are pushing for western appeal more and more.

Now with China I hope MS can just drop Japan completely. The games coming out of Japan are niche to their market and the bigger ones have a western publisher. I don't think it is as important as it used to be to be connected with Japan. The industry has moved well beyond what it used to be with the most successful studios now western.

MS sales... #2
I'm still seeing PC. Literally just yesterday.. The PC trumps has and still. #10
So if everyone games why are you making a point to segregate yourselves into such a niche convention. Is there really that much LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ to really have a con? #1
Oh, that's what this is about. I thought the winner got a pizza party but fate of the universe makes much more sense. #5.1.1
Stole it? That would imply MS took it for nothing. They paid a pretty penny I'm sure and probably helped finance some development. #29
No doubt YES. #6
King, I think it's to give the closest representation possible to how the game will be controlled on consoles. Whenever I approach the MS booth and ask what system it's running on they never hesitate to tell me it's on a PC if that is the case. #2.2.6
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