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What have you done mate.They will crusify you.Only 9.9/10?

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Now all blizzard has to do is change her voice to a male one and name him Oris and tada

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Be or sell better?

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But but denuvo mr dev /s

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To me it seems that ps4 neo is an upgraded ps4 but xbox scorpio is a whole new console in comparison to xbox one

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Do you want to play the game or not?

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its not like they didnt warn you

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They thought it was the new one /s

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At least destiny had a raid for 6 ppl and not 3.It also had a better pvp that appealed to fps fans(ffa, team deathmatch etc) while in the Division is non existent.

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If i judge from battlefront they learned how to optimize their engine :p

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If it wasn't for Xbox live we wouldn't pay for playing online on ps4. Thank Microsoft for that right?

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ofc it does

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you bought a ps3 8 years after the reveal?or maybe i didnt get that right

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Really? They couldnt make a new one?? Damn that made a lot of people sad :p

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Placing every AAA game at 60-70€ is the problem. Not all games deserve than much no matter how much money they spent for the game.More money doesnt mean quality or quantity(look at witcher 3 and then destiny for example).
Yeah maybe in previous generations games were expensive but they were actually complete. Now we get online only games for 60€ and the content is that of a dlc and then we have to pay for the rest of the game.

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Listen to the tapes and watch the facts that happened each year. It expains who eli is and what happened before and after the game. Not in detail but it is something

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Collecting money for months to build a decent gaming pc never occured to you? Its not like most people that have a gaming pc are "rich". Especially if you are a univercity student like me.I buy only games i think its worth it even though i want to play everything. I like to play games but i dont have the money at the moment to buy them all.

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Crisis core is also ffvii its not off topic

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Crisis core gameplay was also amazing.I would also prefer ff15 battle system. I really liked turn based back in the day but nowdays its about money and an action rpg will be more appealing i guess.

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