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"You’ll also experience a Samurai Champloo-influenced song during the opening of the game."
I'll take your word for it Gearbox. If true, that would be super dope. Next week can't come fast enough.

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I have this ominous feeling that Sony E3 conference is going to be the weakest of the Big 3 this year. Hope I'm wrong

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NetherRealm should just make a horror movie based fighting game, instead of adding all these guest characters to MK.

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Runaways, X-23 (Innocence Lost arc), Young Avengers, and Ms.Marvel (Kamala Khan) would make for excellent story properties for Telltales Games.

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Kid Icarus:Uprising hands down, that game would be amazing on the gamepad.

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I'm guessing a PC/Steam release in the near future. Got the first Velocity game on Steam, would love to play the sequel sometime soon.

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"Spec Ops: The Line. Halo 3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

What do all of these games have in common?"

Replay Value (multi-player/co-op,challenge modes,collectibles, etc)
Not bashing The Order: 1886 in the slightest, but what is there to do upon completing the story mode besides trophy hunting? Is there a alternative ending that's worth playing the game a second time through? Does it have challenge stages to test your skills? Will ther...

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Looks decent enough, have to keep a close watch on this one.

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Absolutely enjoyed the demo, reminds me of a Saturday Morning Cartoon version of XCOM:EU with a pinch of Valkyria Chronicles. Will be getting this day-one for sure.

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Transistors,enough said

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Unless you're a collector/enthusiast, I see no point of buying this since the "New" 3DS consoles are just around the corner.

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Yeah I caught that, but hopefully I forget all about it once the game is released. Other than that, this game looks amazing.

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Roster Wishlist, starting from the beginning of the series to current.

Alvida,Coby,Arlong,Tashigi,Vi Vi,Bon Clay,Bellamy,Wiper,Foxy,Paulie ,Rob Lucci,Kaku,Kalifa,Gecko Moria,Euatass Kid,Basil Hawkins,X-Drake,ScratchMan Apoo,Magellan,Jozu,Hody Jones,Kinemon,Caeser Clown,Monet,Donflamingo,Fujito ra,Bartolomeo,Cavendish,Sabo,J esus Burgess.

(Bonus)Shanks,Sengoku,Shiki,Z ephyr

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You get the point, hoping Hawlucha is in the game.

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GOTY 2014 right here.

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I don't know if they will let you do it at other stores, but my cashier let me do multiple transactions. For every three games I traded in, he gave me a gift card.

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It's legit, I got
$26.64 for Tales of Xillia
$37.86 for Pokemon Y
$23.55 for Devil Survivor (3DS)
$26.64 for Super Mario 3D Land
Total = 114.69
You can only get a gift card (in-store only) for every three games though.

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A Wonder Woman game that takes place on Themyscira (Paradise Island) would be a sight to see. So would Aquaman in Atlantis, but Green Lantern would take some creativity thinking for it to work. His base of operation is the entire Galaxy, unless they want to limit it to Coast City.

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I just want to see the Court of Owls or Talon make an appearance in the game.

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