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"Baby I'm So Cold"


A Wonder Woman game that takes place on Themyscira (Paradise Island) would be a sight to see. So would Aquaman in Atlantis, but Green Lantern would take some creativity thinking for it to work. His base of operation is the entire Galaxy, unless they want to limit it to Coast City. #2
I just want to see the Court of Owls or Talon make an appearance in the game. #7
*Fingers Crossed* #46
I have 6 of the 10 games on this list and I agree, each one of them are easily some of my favorites games of last gen. #5
Since the F2P version launch, I've played at least six - eight matches and each one of them was fun as hell. Hopefully they have this fixed in the next few days, because the game is quite entertaining. #5
Fingers crossed for Beyond Good & Evil 2, its well overdue for a sequel. #2
BD Collector's Edition for $49.99 (+free shipping) at Best Buy is a steal since other outlets are offering $54.99 for it. #4
Maaan!, don't play with me Nintendo lol. If this really is a new Earthbound for the Wii U and not the Snes eshop version, I would literally buy a Wii U the next day its announced. I've been waiting for either a sequel or a reboot of the series for years now. #15
It Looks like either a new One Piece or a Tales of game (Just a guess). #2
Palutena or Medusa from Kid Icarus: Uprising, need a few more females and villains characters in the game. #8
Understandable. But thanks for the bit of insight though, didn't know they were raising prices on the rewards. Have to keep a eye out for that. #4.2.1
"Do you know something we don't know"

Who knows for sure friend, there's a possibility that something can come along this year that I want. I just don't want to waste my points on a game case that I can get for $10 or less elsewhere (not the exact one, but I'm not too picky about stuff like that). #4.1.1
I'll wait and save my points, I know there will be some better rewards in the coming months. #4
Looks more like Maple Story than Breath of Fire *smh*. #3
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I like what I'am seeing here, I'll have to read more into this game before backing it (which I'm pretty sure I will). #2
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Yeah that's sucks big time. I know they trying to protect their younger audience, but come on now. Every other gaming console/platform has a messaging system, don't punish everybody for what a few people have done. #2
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I'll wait for that Infamous Second Son Bundle to come out, too busy catching up on my PS3/3DS backlog right now. #5
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Naw lol, one of the employees said they had to wear the hat all-week until the release of Luigi's Mansion. If I remember correctly, I picked up Tomb Raider that Wednesday and Luigi's Mansion came out the following Sunday. #6.1.1
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If it was a top 20 list, Mass Effect 1&2 would definitely be in it. #2.1.1
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At my Gamestop, employees were wearing Luigi hats all-week for the release of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It's was quite amusing seeing grown-ass men, wearing such small hats on their heads. #6
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